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What If You Could Create Your Own Candle?

Much like choosing a perfume, picking a scented candle can be a pretty personal decision. So what if you could make your own candle? Bath and Body Works teamed up one my favorite candle makers, Slatkin & Co., to help you do, just that.


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D.I.Y. Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

If you can’t head “off to the races,” you might as well bring the races to your living room. Whether you plan to have friends over for an informal get-together or have a quiet afternoon enjoying the derby with your family, some of these festive DIY projects are fairly irresistible.


If you admired the sea of beautiful hats at Royal Wedding, you’re in luck because the Kentucky Derby continues that tradition. Big, bold sunhats are a Derby essential. Women’s hats are typically wide-brimmed and embellished with flowers, bows and ribbon. While store-bought hats are lovely, they can be pricey! Luckily, DailyCandy has an easy tutorial to create your own less expensive headpiece. I love their simple hat, but I’d opt to hot glue a few flowers on to the ribbon as well.

Hat-a-tude Kentucky Derby hat

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How To: Really Easy Mood Board Idea

It’s May and as summer draws near it’s a great time to freshen up your mood board with things that will inspire your life with a summer theme. On a mood board you can pin ideas for your next patio cocktail party or a few decorsting ideas for the balcony. I refer to my mood board constantly and find that freshening it also helps to freshen my perspective and to get me out of creative ruts. Lots of you like the idea of a mood board but not everyone has one and I’d like to encourage you to start working on one and I thought I’d share speedy DIY so you can have a mood board up within 5 minutes – no lie – and for under $10 or even free if you have a spare piece of linen laying around..

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A New Use for an Outgrown Crib via Notes From a Very Red Kitchen

Today’s tip is a great D.I.Y. project and a reminder to think about the furniture in your home that your kids have out grown in new ways.




Keep reading to see what Katie, the blogger behind Notes From a Very Red Kitchen, did with a salvaged baby crib. 


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Wire Frame Lampshade Trend

Have you noticed an emerging wire lampshade trend? I’ve been living in Europe for nearly two years now and definitely see it as a trend over here but what about there in the states? You’ll have to comment and let me know… but I’ve spotted lots of wire frame lampshades being used in home decorating more and more – even in the Australian magazines that I read. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about… After you’ve checked out my selections below, please let me know if you love or hate them (or somewhere in between!).

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Amy Butler: New For Spring 2011

I just returned home from a week in London where I had a gorgeous launch party for my book, Decorate, on Wednesday night followed by two customer talks on Thursday that were very intimate and lovely. In the process, I met Amy Butler who happened to also be at Liberty on Thursday to sign some of her lovely books. One thing leads to another as the expression goes, and so we ended up hanging out for a bit in-store and then we went shopping together on Saturday in Notting Hill — it was lovely!

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How To Make Your Blowout Last for Four Days

We’ve discussed how I wish I could blow dry my own hair exactly the way my hair stylist does, but as of yet I haven’t figured it out. Until that day comes, I had stylist Paul Cucinello give me the secrets on how to make my blow out last four days. Yes, you read right: four days.




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New Use for Soda Cans via The DIY Home Sweet Home Project

Buying mini cookie cutters for making things like homemade goldfish or other bite-size treats can get expensive. Luckily, you can use an empty, clean soda can to make your own shapes following the steps on The DIY Home Sweet Home Project blog.


Keep reading to see the basic steps.


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Amy Butler Inspiration

I’ve loved designer Amy Butler ever since I first discovered her work over five years ago – I’m a very loyal fan! Her midwest modern aesthetic is so fresh and feminine and so are her lovely prints and patterns along with their playful colorways. Look at her latest collections…

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Creating Your Own Signature Scent

Have you ever made your own scent or combined different brands to create a customized scent? I was chatting with a friend who recently shared with me her latest beauty secret.




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