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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: My Wedding Dress By Katie Ermilio

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…the dress! My search for a wedding dress took me everywhere from the iconic Vera Wang bridal shop to the classic designs by Priscilla of Boston–but sadly I couldn’t find anything that was distinctly me. Until…the faithful day I discovered the exquisite designs by Katie Ermilio while visiting a showroom for a […]

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August is for Decorating

August is our first decorating themed issue!  It is filled with juicy decorating tips, ideas, and images. There is an excellent furniture story (Affordable Classics p. 115), a great styling story (The Art of Arranging p. 125) and a brilliant color story (One Word: Color).  I know it is weird when people speak so highly of their own work but […]

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: DIY Stamp Wedding Invitations

I really wanted our invitations to set the tone of the wedding (fun and laid back) while also reflecting Rahsaan and I as a couple (again, fun and laid back)! I’ve had a love affair with paper since I can remember, which I’m sure is one of the many reasons I became a writer. Stationary, notebooks, handwritten letters and even […]

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Ariel Gordon Wedding Bands

As many of you who have been following me on this amazing journey know, my fiance proposed with a bracelet. And lovely one at that! But now it’s time to talk rings! So, when it came to figuring out what we were going to do in terms of our wedding bands I knew just who to call…Ariel Gordon. Ariel Gordon […]

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Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Our “Novel” Wedding Theme

One of the first questions I got after getting engaged (next to “have you set a date?”) was “do you have a theme?” My first reaction was to keep it simple and go with a beach theme since we would be on Martha’s Vineyard. But I quickly nixed it since we chose MV because my fiance’s family owns a house […]

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Create Your Own Amazing Outdoor Dining Chair

In my last post, I forgot to mention that I am the self-appointed design consigliere to everyone I know. If I overhear someone talking about design, I politely offer my expert opinion and then bully them into taking my advice. Lately, I’ve been helping our senior home editor find outdoor dining chairs. I did my usual market research and found […]

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Block Party Games You Can Make

Though I haven’t been to one in years, the annual block party held in my childhood neighborhood has a place among my sweetest summertime memories. There’s no better way to kick off the summer than to get new and old neighbors together for some fun in the sun and a hearty barbecue.

Though traditional block party activities such as the dunk tank and the bounce house are fun, they can be costly. And according to Yahoo, clever DIY games and outdoor activities are popular this summer.

So here are some easy-to-plan and affordable ideas sure to be the hit of your next block party:

Children playing hopscotch

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How to Fix Stretched Out Sunglasses

Just because your sunglasses have stretched out a bit doesn’t mean you need to swap them out for a new pair. Instead, immerse them in hot water or heat up the plastic frames with a hair dryer on the low setting until the plastic becomes slightly flexible. Then simply bend the frames back into shape. Check out more easy D.I.Y. […]

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