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Pantry Puttanesca

The worst of Hurricane Irene seems to be behind us—at least in the New York area.  Last weekend, the city was captivated, as New Yorkers (people not normally accustomed to floods) contemplated evacuating their apartments and stock piled candles, water and other essential non-perishables. I decamped to New Jersey to wait out the storm with my family.  For the most […]

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Dinner and a Playlist from Turntable Kitchen

Wine isn’t the only thing that takes some effort to pair with your meal. What about the perfect mood music? The website Turntable Kitchen has been providing meal and music pairings for a while, but now they are offering a subscription service. For those that subscribe, each month you’ll receive a box with the following things:  A limited edition 7-inch […]

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Did You Know That You Can Freeze Rice?

If dinnertime is a struggle because you don’t have enough time to make a full meal (and still eat before 9:45 pm) try this trick to cut down on prep time.

Next time you make rice, double the recipe and freeze the extra portions. That way next time you need rice for a meal it will take no more than 5 minutes to make.


Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions for freezing and reheating.

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An Easy, Spicy, Comforting Dinner Recipe

I’m doing well with my resolution to make a different Real Simple recipe every week. Of course, it’s only January, so I’m hoping I can keep it up. My latest effort was absolutely delicious—Spicy Grits With Chorizo, Leeks, and Corn.



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Is That “Wild” Salmon Really Wild?

Last week I made the Real Simple Roasted Salmon and Potatoes With Dill for dinner. When I’m cooking salmon at home, I always buy wild salmon—I’m worried about the mercury, PCBs, and other toxins that are found in higher levels in farmed salmon. I took home my salmon, cooked it up, and ate it. It was delicious. Juicy, fatty, and full-bodied, with a lovely pink color. It was, I realized later, almost certainly not “wild” salmon.


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Kick-Start Your New Year: Take Time to Plan Your Meals

Dinnertime can be a bit of a scramble, but planning out your meals in advance can cut down on the craziness and make getting food on the table managable.


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No Time to Cook? Never Fear—We’ve Got the Solution

If you always find yourself panicking at the end of the day about what you’re going to throw together for dinner that night, have no fear—we’re here to help you out. We recently launched a handy little app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, called No Time to Cook?, that has hundreds of quick and easy (nothing takes longer than 40 minutes) recipes for weeknight meals. Find dinner ideas—including everything from meatballs to stir-fries to pasta—by main ingredient, total time, or special considerations like low-calorie, family-friendly, and one-pot (don’t worry, vegetarians, there are recipes for you, too!).


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Leftovers: A Love Story

If you are headed to someone else’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving today, you may have only one burning etiquette question on your mind. Is there a polite way to ask your host to share the leftovers?

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Day 12: Shrimp with White Beans and Toast

Today’s recipe was prepared by Erin Henry, assistant editor/producer for Like Antigoni (who prepared yeterday’s recipe), Erin builds the stories on


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Day 11: Chicken Paprikash

Kicking off week three of our Four-Week Dinner Plan is Antigoni Gouras, producer on Antigoni is one of the people responsible for building the  articles and galleries on the site.

Chicken Paprikash Ingredients B

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