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Save 20% on Fun Ice Cream Sandwich Makers

If you haven’t heard, ice cream is what we’re thinking about this July. So, while discounts and deals are what we’re always thinking about on this blog, we have some great (dare we say even delicious?) savings on some of our favorite treats like these adorable and easy-to-use ice cream sandwich making molds. Did you ever think you’d see the […]

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D.I.Y. Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

If you can’t head “off to the races,” you might as well bring the races to your living room. Whether you plan to have friends over for an informal get-together or have a quiet afternoon enjoying the derby with your family, some of these festive DIY projects are fairly irresistible.


If you admired the sea of beautiful hats at Royal Wedding, you’re in luck because the Kentucky Derby continues that tradition. Big, bold sunhats are a Derby essential. Women’s hats are typically wide-brimmed and embellished with flowers, bows and ribbon. While store-bought hats are lovely, they can be pricey! Luckily, DailyCandy has an easy tutorial to create your own less expensive headpiece. I love their simple hat, but I’d opt to hot glue a few flowers on to the ribbon as well.

Hat-a-tude Kentucky Derby hat

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How to Save a Cracked Piecrust

When you’re making a pie from scratch, few things are more frustrating than a cracked crust that won’t seem to mend. But you can still save your pie crust, and all it takes is a little bit of water and sugar.


Keep reading to find out how to repair your crust.

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Gluten-Free Recipes for Your Favorite Cookies

It seems like everyone is trying to go gluten-free these days.  More and more people are diagnosed with celiac disease, have a gluten sensitivity, or just claim to feel better when they cut gluten out of their diets. Here’s the latest cookbook to address the gluten-free craze: Luane Kohnke’s Gluten-Free Cookies, which features 50 recipes for everything from sugar cookies to lemon squares to biscotti. Using ingredients like rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour, she offers tasty alternatives for favorite baked goods that would otherwise be off-limits.  


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How I Overcame My Fear of Failure With Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it comes to cooking—and especially baking—I’ve always been more of a stick-to-a-recipe kind of gal. In the past few years, however, as I’ve gotten more confident with my cooking, I’m willing and able to improvise and experiment—subbing in ingredients, adding different spices, making tweaks here and there. But with baking, I’ve almost always stuck strictly to the recipe, as I’ve been taught: Baking is an exact science, and once you start messing around with proportions or substitutions, you risk ruining the whole thing.


Well, I recently took a recipe testing class here in New York that taught me it’s ok to improvise when you’re baking, even if—the horror!—your experiment might fail.

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5 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Everyone deserves a little treat on Valentine’s Day. Upgrade from Hershey’s kisses and candy conversation hearts with these delicious finds sure to please anyone you’re sweet on.



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