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8 Interiors Books On My Wish List For 2011

A new year is here and with that, a slew of new interiors books coming your way for 2011! I love books, there is nothing like cracking open a beautiful interiors book and lingering over text and images for ideas and inspiration in your favorite chair. I don’t mind reading text-only novels on a reading device, but if there are illustrations or photos, I want a hard copy – a “real” book, please! So with that, here are 8 must-have interiors books that will sit proudly on my coffee table this year. I can’t wait for each of them to release and below each beautiful cover, I’ll tell you why!

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home: 12 Tips

It’s January 3rd and most of us are slowly getting back into our daily routine, though I don’t know about you but I’ve been having a hard time waking up early with all of these late nights… Oh but yes, routines, a new year, resolutions. I’m sure you’ve made a few that are health-related (don’t we all?) but what about the home? Do you have some new year’s resolutions for your home?

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When Do You Take Down Your Holiday Decorations?

The holidays are winding down, and I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the new year. Part of starting the new year off right in my family involves taking down the holiday decorations. We traditionally put everything away on New Year’s day. This year it will be a bit earlier since that’s when I fly home to New York.

So I want to know when you take your decorations down. Click through to vote in the poll.

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On the Hunt: Pretty Cake Stands

I’m not normally a resoultion maker. But this year, I’m setting some goals for myself. I’m an amateur baker, and I’ve never tackled a layer cake. So that’s one thing I want to learn to do this year.

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Letterbox Co. + DIY Number Stencils

After I wrote this post on decor8 the other day, a bunch of readers wrote in asking for tips on where to find some of the items shown in some of the photos. I did a little research and found the Letterbox Co. — have you heard of this quaint Australian online shop? It’s a lovely find for you today, the goods are simple and nice… I particularly love the natural paper tape, kraft paper, stenciled numbers adorning tags and clipboards, and other understated beauties.

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Muuto Wood Lamp

Meet a new gift to myself, the wood lamp designed by TAF Architects for Muuto in Denmark. Isn’t it the best? I love the simplicity of it, the exposed cord, visible screws, raw wood… it’s a nice contrast to the more modern lighting that is out there isn’t it?

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Poll: Do You Have a Holiday-Specific Collection?

I love holiday decorations, but I don’t own that many, because I don’t have any space available to store them in the off-season. And I’m very jealous of people who have carefully curated collections of holiday decorations. So, I was happy to stumble across some holiday collection eye candy from last weekend’s Los Angeles Times Magazine. (Thank you for the […]

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Last Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

Christmas is less than two weeks away and for some reason this year I feel WAY behind. Aside from not having any decor up yet, not one item has been checked off of my gift shopping list. It's all one big mess, but I'm determined to get it all together within the next few days. Aside from having my halls […]

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Candles That Crackle By DayNa Decker

If you are still looking for fab gift ideas, and you need something special for a friend who seems to have everything, I’m willing to bet that a DayNa Decker luxury candle will do the trick! I was gifted by one from my friend and “Travel Stylist” blog author Natalie who lives in NYC, she brought one with her to Marrakesh when I taught there…

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My Weekend Project: D.I.Y. Ornament Wreath

I debated about getting a Christmas tree for my apartment this year. For the first time since moving to New York, I have a living room that could accommodate a full size tree without requiring a storage unit for half of my furniture. In the end, I decided against getting one since I’m not having a holiday party, and I won’t be home much between now and the end of the year.


But I couldn’t let my apartment stay completely undecorated. My compromise was to hang a wreath in the living room, since there is a brick wall that was just aching for some decoration.


After considering a yarn wreath, a fresh green wreath or a light wreath, I settled on an ornament wreath. Luckily, Eddie Ross has a tutorial for making an ornament wreath on his website. Here’s how mine went:


I started out with a wire hanger and these shatterproof ornaments from Target. (I only spent $20 making this wreath. A steal in my mind.)


Ornament Wreath Supplies


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