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A Foolproof Way to Arrange Flowers

If you struggle with making your bouquets look picture perfect, this smart little product, the Easy Arranger, might be just right for you. It creates a guide in your vase (that’s hidden by the blooms) so you’ll know exactly where to place each stem.




Keep reading to see how it works.


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Great Over-the-sofa Art Idea

Ah, that dreaded white space over a bed or sofa. There are two great ideas that I spotted online today for art over the sofa or bed that I think you’ll love. The first is over on my blog, decor8, where I shared an amazing new Dutch product that I think you will really find cool and they’ll ship to the states for a reasonable price. Click here to check that out. And the next great idea is this one…

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Get Creative With The Granimator App!

If you love art and have an iPad or iPhone you’re going to love me in about 5 seconds! Maybe this should be over in the Technology blog on Simply Stated but I cannot resist talking about the Granimator here because I figure creatives read decorating blogs and naturally are interested in anything that even remotely has to do with artistic things, am I right? But yes, the Granimator. The huh? No, this isn’t something that you expect…

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Wire Frame Lampshade Trend

Have you noticed an emerging wire lampshade trend? I’ve been living in Europe for nearly two years now and definitely see it as a trend over here but what about there in the states? You’ll have to comment and let me know… but I’ve spotted lots of wire frame lampshades being used in home decorating more and more – even in the Australian magazines that I read. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about… After you’ve checked out my selections below, please let me know if you love or hate them (or somewhere in between!).

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Do You Shop Online Sample Sales for Home Decor?

Fashion companies kicked off the craze of online sample sale shopping (hello, Gilt Groupe!), but the brands that make decor weren’t far behind. And now it seems like there are a million sites out there that promise the best home goods without the designer prices.

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Low-Tech iPhone Speaker

Many of you probably saw this new use for a regular old cereal bowl in our April issue.

I found a speaker “system” via Design Milk today that is very similar to this low-tech idea. Keep reading to take a look.


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Amy Butler: New For Spring 2011

I just returned home from a week in London where I had a gorgeous launch party for my book, Decorate, on Wednesday night followed by two customer talks on Thursday that were very intimate and lovely. In the process, I met Amy Butler who happened to also be at Liberty on Thursday to sign some of her lovely books. One thing leads to another as the expression goes, and so we ended up hanging out for a bit in-store and then we went shopping together on Saturday in Notting Hill — it was lovely!

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Can’t Decide? Bring A Mood Board To The Store!

I mentioned this idea recently on my blog and the comments section came alive — so many people loved the idea of a mobile mood board and few had given it much thought before… This surprised me honestly, I assumed that most people carry things like this when they are out and about but perhaps not. I do it because I have a hard time remembering tints and tones of color and so for me this is easy, saves me time (no return purchases!) and I always match the colors correctly this way. Here is an example of a mood board to go…

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Reader Question: Easy Ideas for Decorating Your Office Space

Last week we got a question from a reader via Twitter. (Did you know you can follow us on Twitter? Check us out: @Real_Simple.) Jeanne (aka @jahastings) wanted ideas for decorating her office on a budget. So, I pulled together some ideas (including a few from my office here at Real Simple).




Keep reading to see the ideas and to share your own.


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Pom Pom Factory

Karen Hsu is a freelance window designer from Hong Kong who lives in London and is the founder/designer behind Pom Pom Factory. Have you heard of it? My mother always made these pom poms from fabric or tissue paper and she made tons for my bridal shower so I’ve always had a soft spot for pom poms as decor. Karen makes beautiful ones in all shapes, sizes and materials and I love how…

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