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December: Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop Answers Your Questions

After finishing this suspenseful novel, most of us were left with questions about Isabelle’s illness and why she eventually spoke. Author Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop answers them.

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December: The Conclusion (Spoiler Alert!)


I hope you all enjoyed the end of December………

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December: Pages 116 to 173

Hello: I hope you enjoyed reading my last post. Let’s dig in! My overall impression of this middle section of December is that it gets closer to the core of each of Winthrop’s characters. Ruth can no longer be maligned for her tough-love attitude, but revered for her devotion to her daughter, although at her personal sacrifice. Yes, she bitches […]

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December: Pages 67 through 115

Hey, gang: Welcome back! First and foremost, thank you so much for contributing your thoughtful comments to the book’s discussion. It sounds like everyone agrees Isabelle is suffering from OCD or some form of an obsessive disorder. We also all seem to agree that before she went silent, there were a few episodes that weighed heavily on her—for example, when […]

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December: Pages 1 Through 66

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the first two chapters of December. I definitely did. The characters are so complex that I was left with many questions. Let’s dig in.

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December: Introduction

Hi, everyone: My name is Amanda Armstrong, and I am an associate editor at Real Simple. I am thrilled to be sharing Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop’s December with you all. Now, before we get started, I have a confession to make: In the spirit of sharing, a prerequisite for our endeavor together, I have to admit that this is my very […]

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