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Cold Comfort Farm: Chapters 17 to 23

Hi, Bookies: Does Cold Comfort Farm have a happy ending? Of course. But the message behind Flora Poste’s good works at the farm is more important: People really can change for the better, can break away from their self-imposed limitations and create a brighter future. Flora is clever enough to point the way, and she somehow finds the perfect solution […]

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Cold Comfort Farm: Chapters 9 to 16

Hi, Bookies: Two months into Flora Poste’s stay at Cold Comfort Farm, things are looking much brighter for several members of the Starkadder clan, although Flora’s work is far from complete. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t made it to the end of Chapter 16, do not read any further if you wish it to be a surprise. For those who […]

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Cold Comfort Farm: Chapters 1 to 8

Hi, Bookies: When I began reading Cold Comfort Farm one morning during my commute to work, I made the mistake of sitting in the “quiet car” of the train, where cell phones and loud conversations are forbidden. I soon started laughing out loud on nearly every page, and I realized that quiet reading wasn’t possible. I switched to the business […]

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