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Busy Woman Seeks Wife: Annie Sanders Answers Your Questions

With writing partner Annie Ashworth otherwise engaged, Meg Sanders— together the British duo make up Annie Sanders—graciously tackled your questions solo. Read her answers (all Briticisms intact) below. If you wish to read more about Annie and Meg, or get in touch with them, check out their Web site,

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Busy Woman Seeks Wife: The Conclusion (Beware of Spoilers!), Plus Questions for Annie Sanders

Now that I’ve finished the book, I feel like I definitely got all the fireworks and wackiness I was hoping for. Do you all feel the same way?

I was really happy to see how the Alex-and-Frankie relationship continued with a purpose all the way through the end. Even though the situation was funny and over-the-top, I thought the way they finally came together felt believable in the context of the story.

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Busy Woman Seeks Wife: Chapters 17 to 33

Hi, everybody: Based on the comments from last week, it sounds like we’re all enjoying the lightness of this book, especially as compared to some of the heftier plots and themes in books we’ve all been reading for various other clubs. Sometimes it’s great to just zip through a funny, entertaining story, don’t you think? And speaking of funny and […]

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Busy Woman Seeks Wife: Chapters 1 to 16

So I’m 110 pages into the book, and I think I can safely say it neatly fits my expectations from the descriptions and reviews I’d read.

Did you all like the opening? I thought it was pretty funny-—and it did a good job of setting the over-the-top tone and fast pace for the rest of the story. If Alex’s reactions to discovering her housekeeper’s true method of employment hadn’t been so extreme, I might not have enjoyed the Bean’s near-caricature personality, or the exaggerated depiction of Maurice the caterer, as much as I did.

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Busy Woman Seeks Wife: An Introduction

My love of books is so well-known among my friends and coworkers that it’s become sort of a standing joke. Every Friday, when people are talking about their big weekend plans, someone inevitably says, “…and we all know Melissa will be reading….” I have to admit, I deserve the teasing—I’d even go so far as to say I’ve earned it.

In any case, I’m thrilled to be shepherding the book club this month and excited to dive into Busy Woman Seeks Wife. Though I don’t like the phrase “chick-lit,” I am a fan of the genre and I’m hoping Busy Woman has some of Helen Fielding’s wit and the crazy antics of Sophie Kinsella.

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