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Fresh Apple Party Theme

Think apple themes are just for fall harvest parties? Think again! From rich red delicious to vibrant granny-smith-green, this popular fruit makes for great party decor throughout the year…

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Kill Your Credit in Three Easy Steps

As lenders and creditors get stingier, your credit score is more important
than ever. And yet I talk to people all the time who have no idea how certain
activities affect their credit. Read on for three quick ways to crater your score if
you’re not paying attention.

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My Secret for a Happy Morning With My Children

When my older daughter was in kindergarten, I discovered a delightful tool for parenting and for happiness, by accident. “What did you do at school today?” I’d asked her. “Well, we all talked about how our parents wake us up in the morning.” “What did you say?” I prodded, with curiosity and trepidation. “With a good-morning song.” Now, I’m not […]

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Fold and Go!

Saturday after Saturday, not matter the budget, the decor or the location, most weddings end the same way- a gaggle of bridesmaids dancing without shoes and their high heels thrown in the middle. Well, no more bare feet and no more “one size fits all” flip flops in the bathroom. I give you: Pocketflops! from Flocs Designs 1229252999983865564800

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Quick Poll: Do You Prefer Dark or Milk Chocolate?

Last week, the Real Simple food department received a box of samples from Reese’s introducing the company’s latest creation: Peanut butter cups made with dark chocolate. (Yes, working as a food editor has its perks.) As conscientious journalists, we opened the bag of candy immediately. Four of us dug in but Sara demurred. “Thank you, but I prefer milk chocolate,” she said….


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Online DVD Rentals Pretty Popular

It’s hard to find a business that is not squeezed and doing worse than it was a year ago. But there is one, and you can look no further than your DVD player to find it. Maybe because we’re all hanging out at home a bit more as money tightens, we’re getting through a long, cold winter, or more people have heard about the benefits of Netflix, but the DVD-by-mail business is signing up new members every day. Netflix hit 10 million subscribers this month, taking in 600,000 new members since January.

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Why The Cheese Really Does Need To Stand Alone

I never wanted to be the cheese when we played The Farmer in The Dell. Why? Because the cheese had to stand alone. I didn’t think that was fun when everyone else seemed to be part of a the group. In fact, when they circled around me I viewed as sought of a taunt. Think of it as the precursor […]

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Dig Out That White Eyeliner – It Has A Legitimate Use

Actually, two legitimate uses:
1.    Swipe it along the inner rim of your lower lash line to visually extend the whites of your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.
2.    Draw along the inner corner of your eye, making two little arrowheads that point towards your nose, for an ethereal highlighting effect.

Could your eyes use a bit of brightening? Find the liner you’re looking for in one of the four choices below.

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Bliss Living: A New Favorite for Home Accents

It’s no secret that I have thing for color. Anything bright, bold, or vibrant automatically catches my eye, which is why seeing the Bliss Home Living spring catalog in my mailbox made my heart skip a beat. Just when I thought I’d exhausted my top five list of go to sources for great home accents, I came across this brand. […]

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Easy Peasy Registry

I am so excited about the new “Set Your Table” tool on I don’t know if I can contain myself. Hundreds, maybe thousands of Nearly Weds will be saved from bickering brought on by an exhaustion that can only be achieved by wielding a registry gun. Bloomiestablesetting_4

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