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Darling Felt Toy Party Favors

Looking for a unique favor idea for an upcoming kids party or baby shower? Check out these ADORABLE Felt Toy Party Favors from!

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Do You Get a Lift From Clearing Clutter?

As I’ve studied happiness over the past few years, one thing that has surprised me is discovering the mood boost I get from clearing clutter. The happiness experts never talk about this, but I’ve found that for me, it’s a quick, constructive, effective way to conquer the blues. This strategy probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.

OrderlinessBeing in a disorderly environment makes me feel overwhelmed, out of control, and irritable. The simple action of clearing clutter makes me feel more serene and more in control.

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Baby’s Breath: The Comeback Story

The upside of the current economy is that it’s created a lot of creative thinking and open minds, especially when it comes to floral decor at weddings.  Brides are doing sweet little arrangements, modern clusters of colorful carnations and yes, even Baby’s Breath has been making a comeback.Ceramicbirdsandbabysbreath

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Would You Give Up Cable to Save Money?

I have a friend who doesn’t have basic cable at home, but she watches hours
of television—online. Meanwhile, my husband and I pay for a cable package with
hundreds of different channels, plus a DVR and a couple of premium channels
(hey, we like Entourage). And I won’t lie—it’s pricey. Once you get past all the
introductory packages and tack on all the regulatory fees, cable isn’t a
marginal expense. Could you give up television?

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$100 Spring Outfits: Workday Practical At Target

It’s no secret that Target has good clothes at low prices. Coming up with an outfit was no trouble at all – and we’re particularly fond of shopping at Target for necessary filler pieces.

p>For a super easy Wednesday outfit, start with a dress in a neutral color – this navy V-neck sheath ($20) has a tie belt to accentuate your waist.


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Running a Rehearsal

Now that wedding season is upon us, I thought I’d spend the next couple of posts giving some tips to make the day itself run a bit more smoothly. If you aren’t working with a DOC you may be wondering “who runs my ceremony and rehearsal?”. This is especially true if your ceremony isn’t at a house of worship. Here are a few tips to keep things moving right on track. Weddingceremonystep3

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Do You Really Need Such a Big Dining Table?

From reading Daniel McGinn’s fascinating (if perhaps out of synch with the current environment) book House Lust, I learned a terrific new term: the “maximum-use imperative.” It describes the fact that when people will often buy something to accommodate a use that they only rarely need.

DiningroomFor example, when furniture-shopping, you might consider whether a dining room table is big enough to seat your entire family when it’s your turn to host Christmas dinner – even though it’s only your turn to host once every three years, and you almost never have people over for a sit-down dinner otherwise.

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Do You Mean What You Say?

I have an acquaintance who is a serial date-breaker. I didn’t realize it at first so I always made the extra effort to be available on the date/time agreed upon whenever she said “Let’s get together for x or y.” After several missed drinks, dinners, and movie meet-ups, I realized that we we were just going through some polite calendar […]

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When to Ditch Old Paperwork

Tax season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like me, your desk (or kitchen counter,
or floor) is awash with bank and credit card statements and financial documents.
And let’s not mention my file cabinet, which is full of old utility bills,
social security statements and random 401(k) statements. Have you ever wondered how much of your paperwork you actually need to keep,
and for how long? Here’s a quick guide.

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$100: Spring Outfits: Laid-Back Glamour At Kohls

This week, we wanted of highlight three stores where you can get truly stylish spring clothes out there for not much cash.  Up today: Kohls.

We’ve always liked Kohls for their surprisingly chic sandals and cheap jewelry, but it wasn’t hard to make a whole outfit out of their offerings, either.


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