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Amazing, DIY Albums

Last night was the NY Magazine Weddings Showcase here in New York, which is always such a great event showcasing some of the latest trends and services in the wedding world.  I was blown away by MyPublisher Photobooks and their gorgeous wedding albums that can be just a few clicks away!


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How to Extend the Life of a Laptop Battery

I am not terribly pleased to be searching the web for the best deal on yet another battery for our Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. I’ve had this otherwise trusty laptop for three years, but I’m tooling around the web in search of its third battery. That’s one battery for every year.

By now, we know that the battery life hours promised for many laptop models never truly pan out. But there are ways to extend the life of a laptop battery so you are not in the market for a new one quite so often.


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Dining Meets Mod Art at A+R

Who says modern art has to be all look and no feel? These clever & contemporary finds from A+R are fabulous examples of form + function… and surefire ways to bring some modern art flair to your kitchen and tabletop!

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Five Scarves That Won’t Make You Sweat Come May

p>Somewhere between decorative silk and warm fuzzy cashmere live scarves that are the right weight for spring. Fabrics like linen and viscose offer a bit of extra coverage, but are light enough to wear comfortably during the day.

Take a look at the 5 below, and while you’re accessorizing, browse our top 20 spring shoes under $100.

Spring scarves black

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Memories: Why I Keep a One-Sentence Journal.

One of my successful happiness-project resolutions is to Keep a one-sentence journal.

I started this journal because I’d become alarmed by how little I remembered about my own past. I decided to make a much greater effort to take photos and videos regularly, as a kind of diary to keep happy memories vivid – especially memories of my children as they grew.

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Environmentally Friendly Bands

From soy candles to recyclable centerpieces, making eco-friendly choices for your wedding has become not only more popular, but easier. But what about those items that last beyond the day itself? What about your wedding bands?


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Haggling with your Health Insurance Company

My husband and I were recently in a battle with our health insurance provider,
United HealthCare, over a claim they denied during my pregnancy—to the tune of
more than $200. It was an expensive prescription that was required due to my
blood type, and we appealed, working our way through a maze of phone
representatives and wrong answers. We eventually triumphed (they reimbursed us
for the full amount), but it was a painful process, and it would’ve been easy to
give up.

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Do Or Don’t: Food-Scented Lotions

Is it strange and sort of gross to walk around smelling like a cocktail/vegetable/piece of candy? Or do you relish the opportunity to keep favorite food scents nearby all day?

I’ve found philosophy’s pink lemonade body butter ($25 at philosophy) to be pleasantly citrus-y and sweet but not overpowering…but still avoid using it before a (potentially perfumed) night out.


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$100 Spring Outfits: Outdoor Eveningwear At Newport News

Newport News isn’t always as of-the-moment as, say, Target , but finds abound at this affordable retailer if you know what to look for. The Shape FX dresses they carry, for example, are body-slimming miracles for less than $60. The airy evening outfit below rings in well under our $100 budget.


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Women Who Think Too Much

I have a girlfriend, let’s call her Kate, who has an extreme case of what I like to call ‘assumptionitis’. She literally stops herself from interacting with others because she makes assumptions about what others are thinking, doing and feeling. Her thinking is actually holding her back from enjoying her life to the fullest. Kate is almost paralyzed by the […]

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