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How Much Water Do Low-Flow Showerheads Save?

Switching out your showerhead for a low-flow model is one of the easiest changes you can make to save water. But how much of an impact is it acutally making?



Keep reading to find out how much water you can actually save.

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Skip the Chemicals to Clean Your Shower Doors

Keeping your shower doors soap scum-free is one of the biggest bathroom cleaning challenges. Luckily, you don’t have to reach for the chemicals in order to keep them clean. Instead try two common household items—a dryer sheet and lemon oil.


Keep reading to find out what to do.

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, everyone! All month long we’ve been sharing easy tips for going green, but, today, we want to hear what steps you’re taking to make the world a greener place.




Next week will be our last week of daily eco-friendly tips, (but we’ll continue to do a green tip every Tuesday) and next Friday we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reader tips. So leave your water-saving ideas, clever ways of reusing house-hold goods, and tips for recycling uncommon items in the comments.

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Air-Dry Your Clothes to Save Energy and Prevent Shrinking

Many clothing labels recommend air-drying in order to prevent shrinking or damage to delicate fabrics. But skipping the dryer is an easy way to save energy as well. According to calculations done on TerraPass’s blog by air-drying just half of your loads of laundry you can save about $64 in energy costs and conserve more than 1,000 pounds of CO2. 


To make skipping the dryer a little easier, check out these drying racks. 

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Opt for Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

When it comes to chemicals in your cosmetics, nail polishes can be some of the worst offenders. So when you can, opt for polishes that don’t have ingredients like formaldehyde and toluene.




Keep reading to see some of our favorite eco-friendly brands.


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What is Your Favorite Way to Reuse Plastic Bags?

The plastic bag is the MVP of multitaskers here at Real Simple. We’ve used them for everything from funnels to packing materials to knee pads. (Yes, that last one might qualify for the what-were-we-thinking category.)


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Which is the “Greener” Way to Wash Your Car?

If you’re concerned about water usage, pollution and your utility bills, head to the car wash instead of sudsing up in your driveway. 


Keep reading to find out why.

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How to Recycle Aluminum Foil

Here’s an easy tip for your Friday night. Aluminum foil, once you’re done using it to it’s fullest potential (check out some new uses for it here) can be recycled with along with your soda cans. Just make sure you clean it off before tossing it in the recycling bin.



New Uses for Recyclable Items

How to Recycle Anything

The Ultimate Guide to Going Green


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Use Newspaper to Clean Your Mirrors and Windows

The next time you go to clean your toothpaste-spattered mirror, pull a piece of newspaper from the recycling bin instead of reaching for a paper towel. Even though it has been printed, newspaper makes a great lint-free option for cleaning glass surfaces. Plus, you’re not wasting paper towels. Get more ideas for ways to reuse recyclable items. Do you have […]

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What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?

When it comes to paint, you hear a lot about low-VOC and even no-VOC paints. But what does that term actually mean? 

VOC stands for volatile organic compound, and it refers to certain chemicals that release gases into the air and contribute to indoor air pollution. Most commonly, you’ll find VOCs in paints, lacquers, and wood stains, but they are also present in some cleaning products, aerosol sprays, and bug repellents.


Keep reading to find out what you can do to reduce your exposure to VOCs.


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