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Maggie Shi is a deputy editor at, where she covers food, money, and work & life. She's never met a vegetable she didn't like and is obsessed with anything edible, which currently includes breakfast tacos, boiled peanuts, and hot lobster rolls (extra meat, lots of butter, and a toasty bun, please).

Previous roles include stints at Epicurious, the Food Network, Martha Stewart, and (oddly) MTV. She lives in New York City but fantasizes about a house on the Maine coast and hopes to fulfill her dream of going clamming someday.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year’s Eve—December 31—is a night full of Champagne, noisemakers, and dreaming up unrealistic resolutions that won’t last more than a month (or maybe just a few days). Tomorrow is Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, which is a holiday full of eating. Which is my favorite kind of holiday, by the way. Many Asian families will gather tonight on New Year’s Eve for a big, multi-course feast filled with traditional foods, most of which are symbolic—long noodles for a long life, a whole fish for abundance, a whole chicken for prosperity, and my least favorite, seaweed “hair” with dried oysters for wealth.


Don’t worry—you won’t need to hunt down shredded seaweed or boil shriveled shellfish in order to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. While you could simply roast a whole chicken or steam a fish, here are a few other Chinese-inspired recipes to make your feast even more festive.



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Hi, Bookies! Let’s Start Reading

Hello, everyone! I’m Maggie Shi, a deputy editor for, where I work with content across several different areas—food, money, family, work, and life lessons. My job involves everything from overseeing photo shoots for the website to collaborating with the magazine editors to writing our daily recipe newsletter. I also blog regularly about food here on Simply Stated and am attempting to cook my way through the Real Simple recipe repertoire this year.


I’m an avid reader, so I’m incredibly excited to be leading the February book club.

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What Do You Cook or Bake on a Snow Day?

So last night we got walloped with another huge snowstorm—19 inches in Central Park, according to the New York Times. New York City schools are closed today, JFK airport is closed, and most buses aren’t running in the city. But thanks to the magic of the subway, I’m here in the office instead of frolicking outside in the park, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. Ok, I probably wouldn’t be frolicking outside—I’d be staying warm and toasty in my cozy apartment, wearing my PJs, drinking copious amounts of tea, and cooking and baking. Here’s what I would be making today—if we had a Snow Day. Which, you know, we don’t.



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An Easy, Spicy, Comforting Dinner Recipe

I’m doing well with my resolution to make a different Real Simple recipe every week. Of course, it’s only January, so I’m hoping I can keep it up. My latest effort was absolutely delicious—Spicy Grits With Chorizo, Leeks, and Corn.



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Is That “Wild” Salmon Really Wild?

Last week I made the Real Simple Roasted Salmon and Potatoes With Dill for dinner. When I’m cooking salmon at home, I always buy wild salmon—I’m worried about the mercury, PCBs, and other toxins that are found in higher levels in farmed salmon. I took home my salmon, cooked it up, and ate it. It was delicious. Juicy, fatty, and full-bodied, with a lovely pink color. It was, I realized later, almost certainly not “wild” salmon.


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A Meatless Monday Recipe: Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew

After a three-day holiday weekend filled with some serious food overload, I decided my Monday night dinner should be something healthy and meat-free. It’s also in keeping with the Meatless Monday movement that’s been increasingly gaining traction in this country and beyond (even chefs like Mario Batali and celebs like Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin are embracing it). So I turned to the Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew With Couscous from our recent December issue. It’s loaded with filling and good-for-you ingredients, and I used whole-wheat couscous to boost the nutritional benefits even more.



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Cozy Kitchen Accessories for a Cold Winter Day

We’ve been getting a lot of snow lately and the weather has been freezing, so I’m always looking for ways to warm up. Here are a few food-friendly items I spotted that make me feel warm and cozy just by looking at them. It’s going to be a long winter…


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Roasted Salmon and Potatoes With Dill for Dinner

I had a bunch of leftover dill in the fridge, so I decided to follow through on one of my New Year’s resolutions and make Roasted Salmon and Potatoes With Dill—a simple yet tasty-looking recipe. I stopped by the farmers’ market to stock up on potatoes (I bought Red Thumb potatoes, which are sort of like a red-skinned version of fingerling potatoes), then grabbed some wild salmon from the market.


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No Time to Cook? Never Fear—We’ve Got the Solution

If you always find yourself panicking at the end of the day about what you’re going to throw together for dinner that night, have no fear—we’re here to help you out. We recently launched a handy little app for iPad, iPhone, and Android, called No Time to Cook?, that has hundreds of quick and easy (nothing takes longer than 40 minutes) recipes for weeknight meals. Find dinner ideas—including everything from meatballs to stir-fries to pasta—by main ingredient, total time, or special considerations like low-calorie, family-friendly, and one-pot (don’t worry, vegetarians, there are recipes for you, too!).


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What’s Your Food-Related New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, I make at least a couple of New Year’s resolutions. I always try to keep them fun, though (one annual resolution is to “take a big trip to somewhere I’ve never been before!” which actually didn’t happen in 2010). And there’s always at least one food-related one. Like pretty much every resolution out there, these get broken, too (the “try a new restaurant every week” one didn’t last very long). But no matter—it’s always nice to start off the year with good intentions, right? Here are my food-related goals for 2011: some general, some specific; some feasible, some not so much.



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