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Maggie Shi is a deputy editor at, where she covers food, money, and work & life. She's never met a vegetable she didn't like and is obsessed with anything edible, which currently includes breakfast tacos, boiled peanuts, and hot lobster rolls (extra meat, lots of butter, and a toasty bun, please).

Previous roles include stints at Epicurious, the Food Network, Martha Stewart, and (oddly) MTV. She lives in New York City but fantasizes about a house on the Maine coast and hopes to fulfill her dream of going clamming someday.

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A Vegetarian Chili (With Chocolate?) for Dinner

Since I’m all about meatless meals and simmering big pots of warm, comforting stews on my stove these days, naturally I made another vegetarian chili recipe recently. This one was very rich and hearty, thanks to two kinds of beans (kidney and chickpeas) and the “secret” ingredient—chocolate.



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Half Broke Horses, Chapters 7 Through 9

Hi Bookies, we’re at the end and now I want to go back and re-read The Glass Castle to keep the story going. I’m constantly amazed by Lily’s resourcefulness. Is there nothing she can’t accomplish? Catching a wild horse, getting free gas on the way to and from Tucson, earning her college degree in two years, flying planes… It was […]

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Now You Can Eat Your (Angry Birds) Cake and Play It, Too

The game Angry Birds—with those infuriating green pigs and squawking birds—is simultaneously frustrating, fun, challenging, ridiculous, and utterly addictive. An extremely crafty and devoted father created an interactive Angry Birds cake—complete with working catapult—for one very lucky six-year-old boy. Watch the video; it’s adorable.

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A Delicious Meatless Chili Recipe

In an effort to be healthier this year, I’ve been cooking and eating a lot more meatless meals. A recent favorite was our White Bean Chili With Jalapeño Bulgur. Like pretty much all of our recipes, this one was simple to make. The cumin and chili powder gave the chili some great spice (I doubled the cumin because I love it so much), and with all the healthy beans and rich tomatoes, I didn’t miss the meat at all.


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Half Broke Horses, Chapters 4 Through 6

Thanks for all your comments, Bookies—I’m glad to hear that all of you are enjoying the book as much as I am. Reader Brooke brought up an interesting topic I didn’t mention in my previous post—Lily’s mother. She seems to be the complete opposite of Lily and clearly thinks that a woman’s goal in life is to be married off […]

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Calorie Counts on Menus—Friend or Foe?

A recent study found that children and teens pretty much ignore calorie counts posted on fast-food menus (which is required in New York City). While the kids noticed the calories posted, they ordered whatever they wanted regardless. No big surprise there—how many kids do you know are going to order the salad instead of the cheeseburger because it’s 200 fewer calories?

But what about you? Do you notice when calorie counts are posted, and does it affect what you order?

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Who Does the Cooking on Valentine’s Day—the Guy or the Girl?

I hate going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants create these “romantic” prix-fixe menus and charge outrageous amounts for them, you have to call weeks in advance to make a reservation, and really, with all the pressure around having amazing food and fantastic wine and impeccable service and the most romantic night of your life, I’d rather just stay in and have a nice, quiet meal at home.

Here’s the question, though—who takes charge of the cooking on Valentine’s Day?


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Half Broke Horses, Chapters 1 Through 3

I’m completely immersed in Half Broke Horses and had to restrain myself from reading ahead and finishing the whole thing this weekend. It certainly has that Little-House-on-the-Prairie-for-grownups vibe; I loved that the family started out living in a dugout, just like Laura Ingalls Wilder did in On the Banks of Plum Creek. I was a huge fan of those books […]

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5 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Everyone deserves a little treat on Valentine’s Day. Upgrade from Hershey’s kisses and candy conversation hearts with these delicious finds sure to please anyone you’re sweet on.



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A Pizza Dip Recipe for Your Super Bowl Party

Everyone loves pizza. Everyone loves dip. Put the two together, and you have an instant hit on your hands. This recipe for hot pizza dip is the perfect dish to bring to a Super Bowl party—it’s easy to make, a fantastic crowd-pleaser, and can be assembled beforehand and then just popped in the oven for about 10 minutes before serving.



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