Kristin Brandt
A full-time working mother, Kristin is president of Sundin Associates, a marketing and advertising agency outside of Boston. A fitness enthusiast and amateur racer, Kristin also supports her husbands business, Steve the Bike Guy Velo Studio.

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Does your daughter (or son) blog?

I had a really interesting conversation last week with the parent of a teenager daughter (17 years old) who maintains a personal blog on the web site Our conversation certainly made me happy to still have young children. But it did make me wonder – does your daughter (or son) have a blog? If so, do you have any rules or recommendations you can share?

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Planning a birthday party online

I love planning parties for the kids. That doesn’t mean that I rent ponies or spend a ton of money on special entertainment or extravagant gifts. Instead, I try to create fun themes where I can spend a little extra effort to make the day memorable. This year I’m busier than ever, making trips to the store to plan our daughter’s upcoming “Fancy Nancy” party next to impossible. But thanks to great sites available online, I’m able to get the job done in under an hour!

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A cookbook just for me

I only own a couple of cookbooks – Joy of Cooking, Rachel Ray, Blue Ginger – and I use even fewer. If you open my battered copy of Joy, you will find many pieces of crumpled paper with recipes from my favorite recipe web sites. You will also find the top from a box of Quaker Oats and a square […]

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What’s in your e-mail signature?

Converting from my Blackberry to the iPhone

Last week I finally made the leap from my Blackberry Pearl to Apple’s 3G iPhone. I’ve made the leap from a Blackberry Pear to the new Apple iPhone. Like many, I was concerned about converting, but found it went pretty smoothly – with just one complaint.

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Labels in every shape and size

I’m looking for the perfect label to fit the spice jars I found at Ikea. It needs to be round and 3/4 inch in circumference, water-resistant, and computer printable. Find out where I found something that did the trick!


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Design your own free internet radio station

Have you ever tried listening to the radio through the Internet?

I’ll admit my experiences with Internet radio have been limited to the channels available through iTunes. In the past I’ve tried listening to 80’s music on Sky.FM as well as holiday tunes around, well, the holidays. But I’ve never been completely happy with the results, usually because it spent more time "rebuffering" than actually playing music.

But that was then. This past weekend I discovered a web site called Pandora which has me very excited about listening to Internet radio.


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Online resources for home renovations

Kristin and her husband have embarked on a major kitchen remodel (not their first do-it-yourself project). She shares some of their favorite online resources for appliances, tile and lighting, as well as design ideas and advice. What could be better than planning a new kitchen from the comfort of your own sofa?

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