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Get Expert Help with Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the easiest ways to inspire jealousy in your neighbors and friends is to entertain them in your newly renovated kitchen. The only challenge is that a well designed and beautiful kitchen is quite difficult to achieve. You have to consider function first and looks last. Boring details such as measurements, materials, and layout really need to be worked […]

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Say it on a Pillow

Like a few people I know, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day or many of the gifts that one would normally get on that day.  I don’t love chocolate and none of my favorite flowers are available in February.  But this year I found a real soft and sweet treat that would make any V-day scrooge (who happens […]

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August is for Decorating

August is our first decorating themed issue!  It is filled with juicy decorating tips, ideas, and images. There is an excellent furniture story (Affordable Classics p. 115), a great styling story (The Art of Arranging p. 125) and a brilliant color story (One Word: Color).  I know it is weird when people speak so highly of their own work but […]

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Create Your Own Amazing Outdoor Dining Chair

In my last post, I forgot to mention that I am the self-appointed design consigliere to everyone I know. If I overhear someone talking about design, I politely offer my expert opinion and then bully them into taking my advice. Lately, I’ve been helping our senior home editor find outdoor dining chairs. I did my usual market research and found […]

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My Name is Kelley Carter and I am Obsessed with Decorating

As the senior home market editor at Real Simple, I am the resident shopper, trend predictor, and ultimate gut reactor.  I spend the majority of my time (weekends, vacations, and holidays included) searching for the coolest accoutrements, deciding if yellow is the new red, and having extreme emotional reactions to life enhancing nuggets like hand-blocked table runners.  I am willing […]

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