Julee A. Wilson
Staff Fashion Editor Julee Wilson can trace her passion for fashion all the
way back to second grade, when she often attempted (always unsuccessfully)
to sneak her beloved tutu and princess dresses to school. Fast forward a few
decades and Julee now gets to, essentially, play dress-up everyday!

In her current role, Julee writes fashion stories and oversees the
contemporary clothing and accessories markets while also extending Real
Simple’s ever-growing brand on national TV and at events around the country.
Before landing in the fashion department, Julee served as an assistant to
the managing editor, Kristin van Ogtrop.

Prior to joining Real Simple, Julee completed internships at Bergdorf
Goodman, Vibe, Condé Nast Traveler, and Parenting. She has a B.A. in
Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond (VA). Julee lives in
Manhattan with her soon-to-be husband and a massive shoe collection!

Recent Posts By Julee A. Wilson

Pajama Jeans: Simply Amazing or Simply Awful?

In a perfect world, wearing your pajamas throughout the day would be acceptable and chic. You could bound through your day with the greatest of ease–walking, running, and sitting as if enveloped in a fluffy and stylish cloud. But alas, we must restrict the highest level of apparel comfort to the four walls of our homes. Or do we?

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Fresh Inspiration For Your Work Wardrobe

In a work-wardrobe rut? Tired of wearing the same old thing over and over again? Well you’re not alone. I find myself in that place sometimes and so does Jessi Odenbach—one of our readers and Real Simple facebook fans.

Jessie left us this post on our Facebook wall yesterday: “Do you have tips for making my wardrobe more professional? I’m getting tired of skinny jeans and blazers :)”

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H&M Teams Up With Boys & Girls Clubs Of America To Give Back!

Charity and fashion go hand-in-hand thanks to the folks at H&M and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America now until February 9th!

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Totally Cute Tote Bags!

Confession: I’m obsessed with tote bags. I have between 12 to 15. Eek!

There, I said it. Not that it’s something to be ashamed of. However, I do admit it’s a bit excessive. But, I see my tote bags as yet another way to express my individuality (there are so many styles/designs to choose from). Plus, they are a perfect example of “function meets fashion.”


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Editor’s Pick: The Style Checklist, by Lloyd Boston

‘Tis the season for recharging, restarting and those good ‘ol resolutions. So, while you’re listing all of those amazing self-improvement goals like losing weight and being better about reaching out to friends/loved ones…don’t forget to add one about style! Yes…style.


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Chico’s First Fashion Show Today @ 3pm!

One of our favorite clothing brands–Chico’s-- is staging its very first runway show to showcase the Spring 2011 collection!

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Your New Year’s Eve Dressing Guide

    The New Year is about starting fresh…a chance to wipe the slate clean…and the opportunity to begin new adventures. Don't you just love that?   Sooooo, it's no wonder that New Year's Eve parties are typically the biggest and most fun. And any gal knows that it's the perfect time to dress up and look our best!   […]

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Happy Holidays From The Real Simple Fashion Department!

I, along with the rest of the RS fashion department would like to wish you a happy, amazing, fabulous…and of course stylish holiday and New Year!

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Warm and Stylish Winter Boots: Which One Should I Choose?

Keeping my feet warm during these cold winter months has been an obsession of mine for years. But it’s hard to find superior warmth and style. Don’t you agree? Everyone tells me how cozy Uggs are–and yes, I have a pair and I agree.

However, they just aren’t cute. Why can’t we have function and fashion in winter footwear? I’m just looking for something with a little more form and silhouette than you average Ugg. I’m tired of looking like a complete lumberjack.

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‘Tis The Season For…Sequins!


What’s the holiday season without a little razzle dazzle? And there is no better way to add some shine to your life than with the always shining and popular…sequin!




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