Julee A. Wilson
Staff Fashion Editor Julee Wilson can trace her passion for fashion all the
way back to second grade, when she often attempted (always unsuccessfully)
to sneak her beloved tutu and princess dresses to school. Fast forward a few
decades and Julee now gets to, essentially, play dress-up everyday!

In her current role, Julee writes fashion stories and oversees the
contemporary clothing and accessories markets while also extending Real
Simple’s ever-growing brand on national TV and at events around the country.
Before landing in the fashion department, Julee served as an assistant to
the managing editor, Kristin van Ogtrop.

Prior to joining Real Simple, Julee completed internships at Bergdorf
Goodman, Vibe, Condé Nast Traveler, and Parenting. She has a B.A. in
Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond (VA). Julee lives in
Manhattan with her soon-to-be husband and a massive shoe collection!

Recent Posts By Julee A. Wilson

My Bag Cares: And So Should Yours!

We all know that reusable bags are all the rage, and who can deny that warm and fuzzy feeling we get inside everytime we whip one out at the checkout counter?

No matter what resusable bags we use, you’re playing a major roll in limiting waste and protecting our environment. However, we all have our favorite bags—and I want to share two of mine with you:

My NEW Favorite…..MY BAG CARES


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What Do I Get The Bride?

I’ve been asked to be the Maid-of-Honor for my great friend Autumn’s wedding and I couldn’t be happier! From coloborating with the bridesmaids about the bacholorette party and shower to helping select the bridal party dresses, I’m completely engulfed in all things weddings. PLUS, I’m secretly jotting down ideas for my own wedding—which will hopefully happen SOONER than later, hehehe (keep your fingers crossed for me).

Anyhow, I’m a bit stuck on one thing: What do I (the MOH) get the Bride?


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Recessionista Tuesdays With Famed Hairstylist Ted Gibson…Don’t Miss Out!

This will sound ridiculous to most, but famed hairstylist Ted Gibson’s haircuts cost $950! I know, I know…I won’t pay that much either. But his clients swear by this unmatched skills, professionalism and the fabulous way they look once they leave his salon. If I had $950 to burn, I might be right there with them (P.S. I do use and love some of his hair products)!

However, I don’t have burnable money–like most of us—so any steals or deals are much appreciated… Thankfully Ted Gibson has heard our penniless cries and is offering an AMAZING baragin every Tuesday at this Fifth Avenue Salon! Amen.


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Thread Banger: A Fun and Stylish DIY Website

Move over Martha Stewart…there’s a new type of crafter in town! That’s if the website Thread Banger has anything to do with it!


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Hip and Healthy Baby Clothes Make Me Swoon!

it’s a funny thing, but I’m oddly drawn to baby clothes! I don’t have any kids, nor am I pregnant–but everytime I see miniature clothes and shoes I go bananas. Must be my maternal inisticts kicking in as the years tick closer and closer to possible motherhood. I can’t wait!

In any case…I just had to share with you this amazing line of 100% organic and sweatshop-free children’s clothing (t-shirts and onsies) called Rock n Roll Babies.


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The Best Facial Mositurizer EVER!

Ok, so that’s kind of an extreme claim…however, when it comes to my picky skin finding a mositurizer that doesn’t dry me out or have me walking around looking like a grease monkey has been next to impossible!

So, you can only imagine my joy when I finally discovered my personal "miracle in a jar" aka Babor’s BABORGANIC Ultra Moisturizing Cream.

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