Jennifer Mirsky
Jennifer Mirsky's career spans print, television and digital media, including the sites of Hearst, Meredith, and Time Inc, where Jennifer served as Managing Editor of Jennifer delivers digital media strategy for leading brands such as and, and authors’s pets blog.

Her passion for pets is clear to all who know her — what's less clear is how on earth this came to be given her family's early experiences with the animal kingdom. Highlights: The gerbils had 30 babies, another escaped and ran through the radiator units of a city skyscraper (think Eloise), various goldfish came and went, and the cat tore up the furniture, with his claws and then teeth. Somehow, after all this pandemonium, she became enamored with dogs, one in particular.

Jennifer lives in New York with her Portuguese water dog. She is a photographer and ghost author of said dog's tongue-in-cheek blog.

Recent Posts By Jennifer Mirsky

Caption This Dog Photo

Back by popular demand, a new pet photo to caption! Seriously, keep those captions coming in — your comments have been very clever! To set the scene: A man and his dog at breakfast, at a high-end yet low-key, outdoor city cafe´… I think the dog’s face and body language speak volumes, but that’s all I’ll say.

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Caption This Cat Photo

The setting? A cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The rest is up to you. Let the photo captions begin!

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Caption This Pet Photo

These beds were just purchased for these fine canine consumers. (The reason? To address shedding concerns.) The dogs then took matters into their own hands, as you can see. Let’s have some fun—share your best caption for this photo:

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Pet Travel: All Aboard!

Would you let your family pet travel by plane? If size restrictions ruled out coach, would you settle for cargo? I for one, would not (and I have our initial car ride of 24 hours to prove it), though I know of several families who made the tough decision to go this route in order to stay reunited with their pets […]

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Secrets of Cool Cats and Dogs

How are your pets faring in the summer heat? Mine is covered from head to toe with wavy black hair, and black retains the heat, so if you’ve guessed that we’re in for a long hot summer, you’ve guessed right. The Cole Porter song “Too Darn Hot” comes to mind. What does he do to compensate? Well, he gravitates to […]

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Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Age-old question, but one that has particular resonance for me right now. You see, my brother’s back in town with his cat, and that’s added some complexity to family time given my Portuguese water dog and his attitude towards felines. Let’s just say that we had one near-crisis — or rather, standoff — when the two animals found themselves face-to-face […]

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So you think your pet can do pet therapy?

I certainly did, given my dog’s sociability, people-centric behavior, and working dog breed. But as I learned more about the stringent requirements and the zero tolerance for unpredictable behavior, I reconsidered. Even I had to admit that it probably wasn’t a plus for Monkey, as he is so aptly named, to startle when a person in a wheelchair or a […]

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Saving Lives in Japan and the U.S.

In this raw footage from CNN, “Anatomy of the earthquake,” the sidewalk splits open beneath our feet, water bubbles up from the ground, and a dog barks in the background. The news reports and images from Japan are horrifying; the devastation unimaginable. Enter the dogs. Reuters reports that the U.S. Agency for International Development has deployed disaster assistance — including […]

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Who Knows Your Pet Best?

Allow me this rhetorical question, if you will. As a pet owner, I am continuously amazed by how friends and strangers alike seem to think they know other people’s pets better than the people who live with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Case in point: You are merrily walking your dog along the street, noticing for […]

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Taking Care of a Sick Pet

I’m sure you’ve all been there. Your beloved pet is not acting like his or her usual self. There is a listlessness, a mopiness, and a lack of appetite. If only they could speak and tell you what ails them! But they can’t, and so, you must put yourself in their shoes, or paws as it were, and attempt to […]

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