Jennifer Mirsky
Jennifer Mirsky's career spans print, television and digital media, including the sites of Hearst, Meredith, and Time Inc, where Jennifer served as Managing Editor of Jennifer delivers digital media strategy for leading brands such as and, and authors’s pets blog.

Her passion for pets is clear to all who know her — what's less clear is how on earth this came to be given her family's early experiences with the animal kingdom. Highlights: The gerbils had 30 babies, another escaped and ran through the radiator units of a city skyscraper (think Eloise), various goldfish came and went, and the cat tore up the furniture, with his claws and then teeth. Somehow, after all this pandemonium, she became enamored with dogs, one in particular.

Jennifer lives in New York with her Portuguese water dog. She is a photographer and ghost author of said dog's tongue-in-cheek blog.

Recent Posts By Jennifer Mirsky

What’s Your Pet’s Best Trick?

We’ve all done it — bragged and bored our friends and family to tears — telling the heroic exploits of our four-legged friends. Some of their skills were learned, such as responding properly to the verbal commands of “sit,” “stay,” “down,” and “come.” Then there were games where words were not exchanged, such as an impromptu game of “hide and […]

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DIY Dog Costumes for Halloween

Whether man is dressing himself or his best friend, I never tire of seeing creative costumes and clever minds at work. This year’s Halloween Howl, in my neighborhood park, did not disappoint. Event attendees were also treated to healthy hounds info as well as a stand for the Best Friends Animal Society. For your last-minute inspiration and information, I share with you my judging […]

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The Dog Who Crossed the Road

Last weekend, I saw something that scared and then angered me. An adorable dog had wandered out of his house and onto a country road. A car had nearly hit him, and had we been driving more quickly, we might have done the same. We stopped the car and I did something out of the ordinary for me. I walked […]

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Pet Loss and Support

It’s the call you never want to receive. Or — as I experienced over the last year — the email, the text, the Facebook status update from a family member or friend. The first time, I inadvertently stumbled upon the news. Perhaps it was some sort of cosmic joke, but I had emailed a friend who I hadn’t been in […]

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Willow the Cat is the Talk of the Town

Yes it’s true, everyone’s been buzzing and now purring about this calico cat and her cross-country journey of some 1,800 miles from Colorado to New York. She’s not the first creature beckoned by the bright lights of the big city — was she seeking fame, fortune, a book deal? — but boy did she achieve instant celebrity status! Apparently this […]

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Don’t Hate Me…Adopt Me

Remember those Pantene commercials in which fashion models said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”? Well is trying out a new twist with its third “Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet” campaign (this year extended to run from September 17 – 25), featuring a theme of “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m ______, Adopt Me Because I Need You.” The goal is to encourage people […]

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Pet Rescue After September 11

I will never forget the stranger on the bus with the radio who stated emphatically that the twin towers had collapsed. Nor my 100% certitude that she was crazy and simply seeking attention. “That’s not possible,” I replied. Then minutes later, I witnessed it myself on the large TV screens in Times Square. We all watched in silence, a New […]

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Should Your Pet Go on a Diet?

Touchy question, I know, and one that could even offend. But it’s a subject worth discussing with your vet, as excess weight can lead to health problems down the road. In our household, Mr. Monkey, pictured below, is on a brand-new fall regimen of a mile-long evening walk. Truth be told, we’re doing it as much for our own health […]

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Hurricane Irene: Are You and Your Pets Ready?

Though many would disagree, I’d say there are many benefits of living in New York City, and the relative absence of natural disasters is one of them. That, and the at-your-fingertips ability to have food, medicine, dry cleaning and just about anything your heart desires delivered to you day or night, with little advanced planning required. Hence the approaching Hurricane […]

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Who Causes Separation Anxiety? You or Your Pet?

Jodi Andersen-Spen, author of The Latchkey Dog, How the Way You Live Shapes the Behavior of the Dog You Love, defines separation anxiety as “anxious behavior triggered or stimulated by the signals of separation.” She explains that it’s “latent in every dog on the planet, though it is cultivated by their humans. The dogs who are most prone to it […]

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