Jennifer Mirsky
Jennifer Mirsky's career spans print, television and digital media, including the sites of Hearst, Meredith, and Time Inc, where Jennifer served as Managing Editor of Jennifer delivers digital media strategy for leading brands such as and, and authors’s pets blog.

Her passion for pets is clear to all who know her — what's less clear is how on earth this came to be given her family's early experiences with the animal kingdom. Highlights: The gerbils had 30 babies, another escaped and ran through the radiator units of a city skyscraper (think Eloise), various goldfish came and went, and the cat tore up the furniture, with his claws and then teeth. Somehow, after all this pandemonium, she became enamored with dogs, one in particular.

Jennifer lives in New York with her Portuguese water dog. She is a photographer and ghost author of said dog's tongue-in-cheek blog.

Recent Posts By Jennifer Mirsky

How to Do the Cookie Stretch

If you’re a Yoga aficionado, chances are you’re familiar with the Cat Pose, the Downward-Facing Dog, perhaps even the Extended Puppy Pose. Ahhh, but do you know how to do the Cookie Stretch?! Or rather, does your dog? This past weekend, I wandered over to a dog health fair and made a pit stop at the Doggie Yoga class, my dog conveniently […]

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Have Two Pets? Who’s the Boss?

I have written before on this blog about the antics of my cousin Karen’s cats, but this one really takes the cake…or catnip as it were. In spite of careful planning on Karen’s part and talking to experts before bringing a new kitty (Tank) home to the “den” she shares with her main cat (Penny), all has not been smooth […]

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10 Tips for Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

“You don’t have to brush all the teeth, just the ones you want to keep!” quips Patricia Dominguez, a practicing veterinary dental technician specialist at Gotham Veterinary Center in New York. (Full disclosure: my vet) It took a minute to sink in, though I realized two things at once: 1) This was no joke. 2) There would be no cutting […]

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Love Your Pet? New Products to Swoon Over!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and few relationships are less complicated and more fulfilling than those we have with our pets. (Or as one Shannon Martin greeting card claims, “Whoever said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ never owned a dog.”) If you value companionship and comfort, you’ll be charmed as I was by the “never sleep alone” products […]

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That Dog Stole My Baby Name!

The other day, my dog and I met two adorable Yorkies: Diesel and Tank. When asked how these tiny terriers had come by their larger-than-life names, the man walking them said, “We wanted to be ironic.” It is Manhattan after all. Which got me wondering: Why do people choose certain names for their pets? Is the name based on an animal’s signature […]

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Pet Lovers: What Makes a Great Gift? Discuss.

I consider myself a great gifter, but it took me years to stop buying things that I wanted for others, and to instead buy things that they would love. IMHO, you can’t put a price tag on a gift that’s been crafted with a specific person’s wants and needs in mind. These are some of the thoughtful and unexpected gifts I’ve given or received […]

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Pet Prep for Hurricane Sandy: Get the 411

First, an apology. I would have posted this sooner, but I was getting my own “go bag” ready. And standing on line with every other person in my neighborhood who was stocking up for Hurricane Sandy just in case. Second, some quick tips: – Make sure your pets are wearing their collars and ID tags. – Pack supplies of pet […]

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Why I Dressed Up My Dog for Halloween This Year

Usually, I resist the urge. But with the Presidential race as tight as it is and a Portuguese water dog in the White House, I knew I had to act NOW…or else. My last-minute costume idea: “Michelle and Bo Obama on the Campaign Trail.” First up: The Dog. How to mimic Bo’s coloring, with the large white chest and two […]

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Does Your Pet Feel Guilty?

Consider it the opposite of bragging. Or perhaps the “anti-brag.” Everywhere I go these days, people are “outing” their pets for bad behavior. It’s done with a sense of humor; malice doesn’t enter the equation. Here’s one of my favorites, less scatological than many of the others: “My Mom Can Never Sleep In. If she tries, I sit next to the […]

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Do You Eat Like a Bird or a Horse? What Does it All Mean?

I could give Mrs. Malaprop “a run for her cash money,” as I’ve been known to misquote common expressions to unintended comic effect. So I thought it appropriate — perhaps necessary — to examine animal expressions, their origins, and whether they are fact or fiction. I “ferreted”* answers out of Victoria Stilwell,  host of Animal Planet‘s TV series It’s Me or the Dog, […]

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