Liz Krieger is a former senior editor at Real Simple, where she covered health, fitness, and general wellness topics. She has also been an editor at Health, American Baby, Shape, WebMD.com, More, and Allure, and has written for Travel Leisure, Women's Health, Glamour, Self, Newsweek and Town & Country.

She’s had a lifelong interest in health and fitness—starting with 10 years of gymnastics as a child, then continuing to competitive tennis (high school) and water polo (college), hiking, kayaking or rafting vacations (throughout), and these days, staying fit through yoga and running. Since moving to New York City five years ago, she’s run 8 half-marathons—and is contemplating trying for the full 26.2 miles some day.

Her interest in health, science and medicine, in particular, has led many friends to nickname her “Dr. Krieger” and seek health advice—a fact which is surely appalling to the actual doctors she’s friends with, given that her actual degree is in comparative literature from Brown University.

When not trying out new fitness gadgets and gear, or attempting to make sense of the latest health study or scientific news, Liz lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and dog, Franny.

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Short Attention Span Health/Fitness News

I honestly don't know where this first half of January went, but in the 13 days since the New Year, I've been stashing away bits of interesting, odd, and/or helpful health news for future use. Well, the future is now, so without further ado, I present "The Short Attention Span Health/Fitness News" of early January 2011. (I hope to rustle […]

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Am I Addicted To…TV About Addiction?

Between A&E's sometimes harrowing "Intervention", VH1's equally disturbing, often lurid "Celebrity Rehab," certain episodes of MTV's "True Life" series, and the new entry from TLC, "My Strange Addiction", lately I can't seem to stop myself from watching this avalanche of addiction-centric programming. The TLC show includes people hooked on thumb-sucking, laundry detergent and body building. Partly it's these stories are […]

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Well-Being: It’s The Little Things…

You know that saying "It's the little things"? Well, it really, really is. You know, things like when someone holds the door for you, the cup of coffee that tastes juuuust right, the cozy socks on a cold night, the why-did-this-take-so-long-to-design, upside-down ketchup bottle that never backs up? Of course there are the other little things, too — the ones […]

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The D-Dilemma: Deciphering the News on Vitamin D

Seems like every time you turn around there's new information about the ever-vital vitamin D. The most recent recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) were released last week, and for the first time in ten years, they've boosted the optimal daily amount a lot: going from 200-400 IUS to 600 IUs, for adults ages 19-70. It's been previously reported […]

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Five Healthy Gifts On My List This Season

As we all scramble to tick off our holiday gift lists, I wanted to suggest a handful of inexpensive, healthy — or simply just helpful — items that would make terrific gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone on your list who's into healthy living. *Grease Monkey Wipes: These individually-wrapped wipes (six for $6, pictured above) are strong enough to erase […]

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What Kitchen or Household Appliance Can’t You Live Without?

A while ago I was visiting a friend's home, and she offered me a plate of leftovers from a tasty meal she'd cooked the prior day. I accepted, put the food on a plate, and set out to reheat them. Then I realized that she doesn't have a microwave. Or a toaster oven. I was stumped. My friend does just […]

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Does Parallel Parking Make Your Heart Race?

I met my husband through an online dating site, and he told me that one of the little things that intrigued him about my profile was the line where I boasted about my skill in parallel parking. I think the phrase was: "I'm an excellent parallel parker." And while yes, I was trying to be a bit cheeky and clever […]

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Which TV Doc Do You Trust the Most?

Seems like there are more docs on TV than ever, and I'm not talking about the actors playing them on shows like House, Grey's Anatomy, or Private Practice. I'm referring to the talkin' heads on the news, on chat shows, and on programs devoted to medicine and health. We've got Dr. Mehmet Oz on his eponymous show every single day; […]

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Gotta Go: The RevoLOOtion Will be Televised

In ever-so important "toileting news" this month, I have two items to share. If you haven't already heard, Charmin is running a contest that invites anyone with a strong opinion or story to share about how they "enjoy the go" to submit a video on said topic. It's part of their Go Nation Movement, errr….contest. (sorry, I couldn't help myself. […]

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Pour Some Sugar On Me!

With Halloween this weekend and then the full cascade of holiday festivities soon to follow, the time is ripe for some sweet talk. Specifically, an article about candy in The New York Times this week throws into question the idea that candy, for all it's sticky sweetness, is inherently bad. After all, there's not that much difference between a piece […]

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