Liz Krieger is a former senior editor at Real Simple, where she covered health, fitness, and general wellness topics. She has also been an editor at Health, American Baby, Shape, WebMD.com, More, and Allure, and has written for Travel Leisure, Women's Health, Glamour, Self, Newsweek and Town & Country.

She’s had a lifelong interest in health and fitness—starting with 10 years of gymnastics as a child, then continuing to competitive tennis (high school) and water polo (college), hiking, kayaking or rafting vacations (throughout), and these days, staying fit through yoga and running. Since moving to New York City five years ago, she’s run 8 half-marathons—and is contemplating trying for the full 26.2 miles some day.

Her interest in health, science and medicine, in particular, has led many friends to nickname her “Dr. Krieger” and seek health advice—a fact which is surely appalling to the actual doctors she’s friends with, given that her actual degree is in comparative literature from Brown University.

When not trying out new fitness gadgets and gear, or attempting to make sense of the latest health study or scientific news, Liz lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and dog, Franny.

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When Your Jewelry Bites Back

It’s been just three years since I got married, so I know I’m nowhere near the seven-year itch (both chronologically and because I’m still totally hooked on my husband) but there’s no mistaking the fact that my ring finger is…well, itching! Alas, for the last few months, every time I try to wear either of my rings (engagement or wedding […]

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Is Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

One of the biggest trends in hair care these days is the whole “No ‘Poo” movement. Wait, that sounds sort of…scatological. What I’m actually referring to is the trend in hair care circles advocating that people eschew shampoos altogether. The reason? Depends who you ask but there are a few reasons bandied about. Some say that shampoos over-strip your hair, […]

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Have You Tried Coconut Water?

It seems like you can’t swing a shopping cart these days without hitting a giant display of coconut water. And with superstar Rihanna on colorful billboards as the new face/body of Vita Coco water, more consumers than ever are considering guzzling the liquid from this tropical nut. While every brand tastes a bit different, many describe the liquid as slightly […]

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How Do You Squelch Motion Sickness?

It’s said that more than 34 million Americans will hit the road for a car-based family vacation this year, and there’s millions more who will board in a plane, step onto a boat, or take other modes of transport. But what about those of us who tend to get horribly, miserably motion sick? I’m one of those people, although thankfully, […]

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Simple Q: Does Fanning Yourself Make You Hotter?

That is the simple yet vexing question I was asking myself on the subway platform last night. The air felt like I’d entered into a windless broiler and people all around me were using any scrap of paper or soggy magazine to fan themselves while we waited the looooong 7 minutes until the next train arrived. And while any sort […]

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Are You Dehydrated? A Trip To The Loo Is a Clue.

I’m not sure when the dog days of summer officially start and end, but it sure feels like we’re smack in the middle of it…it’s hot, it’s humid, the sun beats down both beautifully and rather unrelentingly. As a result, it’s all-too-easy to become dehydrated in such weather—and even more so during periods of exertion or exercise. Just the other […]

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Grief and Loss and…Real Estate!

You’ve probably heard about the 5 stages of grief and loss before. First codified by Swiss-born psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the stages are meant to encompass the near-universal process that humans endure when coping with a loss: 1. Denial (This can’t be happening!) 2. Anger (It’s not fair!) 3. Bargaining (I’ll do anything…) 4. Depression (Why go on?) 5. Acceptance (It’s […]

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What’s The Most Annoying Sound Ever?

I love, love, love it when scientific research confirms what I already know. In this case, researchers at SUNY-New Paltz have determined that yes, the sound of a child whining is The. Most. Horrible. Sound. Ever. In the experiment, reported in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology, participants had to endure various sounds (an infant crying, a table […]

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Understanding “sell-by” and “use-by” dates on food!

There’s a running argument in my household about when to throw away food items. I tend to err on the side of caution, although my husband would say I err on the side of throwing away perfectly good food! Many times the disagreements center on situations where I am just not sure how long after something has been opened it […]

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No More Food Pyramid! The Plate Takes Center Stage

Yesterday’s unveiling of the new food guide from the USDA had diet and nutrition circles buzzing. After all, it’s the first major overhaul to that familiar, if confusing icon in quite a long time. In recent years, the old pyramid has come under fire for being rather, well…unhelpful! The vertical striations didn’t really help Americans figure out what to eat […]

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