Liz Krieger is a former senior editor at Real Simple, where she covered health, fitness, and general wellness topics. She has also been an editor at Health, American Baby, Shape, WebMD.com, More, and Allure, and has written for Travel Leisure, Women's Health, Glamour, Self, Newsweek and Town & Country.

She’s had a lifelong interest in health and fitness—starting with 10 years of gymnastics as a child, then continuing to competitive tennis (high school) and water polo (college), hiking, kayaking or rafting vacations (throughout), and these days, staying fit through yoga and running. Since moving to New York City five years ago, she’s run 8 half-marathons—and is contemplating trying for the full 26.2 miles some day.

Her interest in health, science and medicine, in particular, has led many friends to nickname her “Dr. Krieger” and seek health advice—a fact which is surely appalling to the actual doctors she’s friends with, given that her actual degree is in comparative literature from Brown University.

When not trying out new fitness gadgets and gear, or attempting to make sense of the latest health study or scientific news, Liz lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and dog, Franny.

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The Doggie Bag Diet

There are two new public health campaigns currently going on in New York City, both aimed at battling obesity and its related illnesses and issues. And what’s different about these campaigns is that instead of telling people what NOT to eat, or even what items they SHOULD be eating, these initiatives simply focus on portion control. The idea being: a […]

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Useful or Useless Gear? You Be the Judge!

Two new products came to my attention this week, and while I am not one to thumb my nose at time-saving and health-encouraging gadgets, gear, or problem-solving inventions of any kind—that’s simply not the Real Simple way!!—these two had me wondering if they were serious or silly. 1. Footwear for the…fertile? Yes, women’s feet change during pregnancy. Yes, swelling can be […]

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Can a Seltzer Maker Change Your Life?

Recently I noticed that no less than five friends/colleagues on Facebook mentioned that they’d recently gotten a home seltzer maker, and called it “life changing.” (Their words, not mine!) My interest was instant—and not just because I cannot resist an outrageous claim. The truth is, but when it comes to water intake, I’m more camel than fish. (Do fish drink?? […]

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Winter: The Ultimate Appetite Stimulant

It’s 25 degrees and windy today in New York City. All I really want to do is stay under a warm blanket, noshing on equally toasty items like mac-‘n-cheese, hot chocolate, and grilled cheese. Notice a trend? Three rather fattening, comfort-food items. Also, three things I wouldn’t really be craving if it were warmer. The result of this trend? A bit […]

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Would Putting Money On the Line Make You Work Out More?

We all know that most New Year’s resolutions fail —particularly those of the whole “I’m gonna work out every single day!” variety. But what if you put more than just that mental promise on the line and make each missed workout cost you $5, $10, or even $20 bucks? (The minimum is $5.) That’s the premise behind a intriguing new program […]

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Does This Workout Video Make You Inspired…or Intimidated?

In this season of New Year’s resolutions and post-holiday muffin tops, this video I just saw left me amazed, awed and um, slightly daunted. It’s a three-minute sequence of yoga by Equinox Yoga instructor Briohny Smyth, and from the first frame of the smooth, dreamy interlude I was totally entranced. Frankly, by the end I couldn’t decide if I wanted to slip […]

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Would You Soak Your Contacts in Soda?

According to a new study, some people have resorted to soft-drinks as a saline-stand-in—and that’s just one of many questionable practices revealed in the report. Granted, I certainly can’t claim to be the queen of eye hygiene—confession: for years during my 20s, I slept in my contacts!—that hardly registers as a shocking contact lens hygiene habit compared to what Dwight […]

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Get There Faster: Take the Stairs!

Quick health tip during these busy, and often calorie-laden holidays: Next time you’re faced with whether to take the stairs or hop in the elevator, consider this: If you want to get there faster (as well as get a quick hit of exercise), the stairs just may be your best bet! In a recent study published the Canadian Medical Association […]

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How to Set A “Skinny” Table

There’s a whole subset of scientists out there who study how the environment around us influences how much we eat. From the color of the walls at a restaurant (red and orange boost hunger) to the size of bowls and plates (bigger ones lead to overeating) to whether or not more variety or less variety causes you to consume more […]

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The Uproar Over Arsenic in Apple Juice and Rice

A few months ago you may have heard a bit of a juicy uproar over claims on the Dr. Oz Show about higher-than-acceptable levels of arsenic in apple juice. Initially the FDA weighed in with a reassuring message that while apple juice does, in fact, contain the mettaloid, there’s a big difference between organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic. In short: […]

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