Liz Krieger is a former senior editor at Real Simple, where she covered health, fitness, and general wellness topics. She has also been an editor at Health, American Baby, Shape, WebMD.com, More, and Allure, and has written for Travel Leisure, Women's Health, Glamour, Self, Newsweek and Town & Country.

She’s had a lifelong interest in health and fitness—starting with 10 years of gymnastics as a child, then continuing to competitive tennis (high school) and water polo (college), hiking, kayaking or rafting vacations (throughout), and these days, staying fit through yoga and running. Since moving to New York City five years ago, she’s run 8 half-marathons—and is contemplating trying for the full 26.2 miles some day.

Her interest in health, science and medicine, in particular, has led many friends to nickname her “Dr. Krieger” and seek health advice—a fact which is surely appalling to the actual doctors she’s friends with, given that her actual degree is in comparative literature from Brown University.

When not trying out new fitness gadgets and gear, or attempting to make sense of the latest health study or scientific news, Liz lives in New York City with her husband, toddler daughter, and dog, Franny.

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The Incredible, Adaptable Human Body

Have you ever stopped to think just how many parts of the human body we just don’t need or we can easily live without?

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A Forkful Here and There…the Pleasures of Sharing Food

Are you one of those people who loves to grab a taste of your dining companion’s dish or are you the companion who hates when your friend comes beggin’ for a bite? To share or not to share…

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Ready, Set…Start Walking!

Lace up your sneakers—today is National Start Walking Day! Better yet, stash a pair in the car, at the office, and by the door, and resolve to walk at least 30 minutes every, single day.

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Poof! Consider It Forgotten! Tinkering With Memory

Scientists are edging closer and closer to being able to manipulate our memories. If you could, would you ever have anything from your past ‘erased’?

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Lulu Warriors: Just 14 More Days!

You don’t have to do downward dog to appreciate the wonder of a good pair of yoga pants. And with new online shopping coming soon to Lululemon, the perfect pair is one step closer.

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What’s Next, Barbie Broccoli?

Seems like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse have gone into the grocery business—and these days they aren’t just shilling for cereals or slapping their faces on cookie boxes. Now they are selling eggs!

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Got a Sweet Tooth? Join Me!

According to a new report, candy sales are up. Sure, the economy is in the gutter and unemployment is rising, but people seem to be handling it with a veritable spoonful of sugar.

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What Was Your Mother’s Best Health Advice?

Since I’m on a nostalgic kick—last week I was reminiscing about the sometimes wacky foods I ate as a child—now I got to thinking about the health advice that my mom used to give me as a kid.

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Weird Family Recipes

I never realized how much your diet as a kid influences your diet today, until I thought back to some of my favorite childhood snacks.

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How Much Do You Buy Organic?

Sure, we’d probably all like to eat more organic—fewer pesticides is a good thing!—but when cost is an issue, where to you make the choices.

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