Alexandra Gonzalez
As the beauty assistant at Real Simple, Alexandra has the opportunity to fully embrace her love for all beauty products. After discovering her mom’s red lipsticks in a vanity drawer, she knew she would one day incorporate this into her job. From foot scrubs to hair products, she will try anything. (So be vocal if you want a tester for something specific!)

Previously, Alexandra freelanced at MORE Magazine and interned at Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily, Domino (may it rest in peace) and Sportswear International. As a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s been living in New York City for 5 years.

After living in 5 apartments in less than 4 years, she has finally nestled herself in a studio apartment in Murray Hill. Her favorite features are her four closets, with one dedicated solely to beauty products—of course.

Recent Posts By Alexandra Gonzalez

Obsession: Bath Bombs

Even though summer is supposed to be relaxing, it doesn’t always turn out that way. From the constant traveling to the five-day work load with only four days weeks, it can be extremely draining. Regardless, it’s important to make some time to unwind. When getting a massage or even taking a nap isn’t feasible, you have to use your resources […]

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Are You A Nail Biter?

I’ll come right out and say it: I am. I’ve been trying to stop since I was a little girl. Even in fifth grade my best friend and I tried to stop together, thinking that solidarity would keep us from continuing this horrible habit–she has long since been cured. From foul-tasting polish to acrylic nails, nothing has helped me stop. […]

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Eye Creams: What To Look For

I remember the day I got my first eye cream–if this isn’t telling of why I enjoy my job, I’m not sure what else is. I was eighteen years old and my mom bought me Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (which I still think works wonders). After years of watching her and my grandmother practice this daily application, I was […]

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Hair Removal: What Is Your Go-To Solution?

After doing our hair removal road test, I found it so interesting to learn how everyone’s preferences ranged. Some people wouldn’t go near a razor and were all about waxing, others only liked razors. In the summer I like waxing best, because it leaves my skin smooth for weeks (translation: less work for me). My favorite salon is Uni K […]

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The Perfect Nude Polish

Finding a neutral polish shade that works every time can be a process. I know that for me, with all the choices at the salon, I often grab the wrong one just by the slightest shade. Well, what if find your perfect nude nail polish was as easy as picking out your foundation shade? RGB (an eco-friendly enamel line) founder Gina […]

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Summer Hair Trend: Ombré

Summer always seems like the right time to take a beauty risk. From feathers to bold red lips, we have an endless number of ways to play around with our looks. So, in an attempt to step outside the box, I decided to try the latest hair trend: ombré. But in Real Simple fashion, I took a more subtle approach. […]

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The Dirt On Make Up Brushes

From foundation to eye shadow we use these little bristles to enhance our favorite features. I was looking at my brushes the other day and realized that they are well overdue for a clean up. How often do you clean your clean your make up brushes? I don’t clean mine often enough (it is now on my To Do List)! […]

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Poll: Do You Think Twice About Your Deodorant?

This past week I met with Natalie Yin, a Brand Manager at Jason Natural. We spent the afternoon chatting about studies in the last few years that discuss the risks associated with the ingredients in antiperspirants. It got me thinking about my own deodorant choices, and I wanted to see what the rest of you were using. These are four […]

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Obsessed: Clarisonic Deep Cleaning Pore Brush

I had heard friends rave about the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing systems, but I tend to be very skeptical when it comes to beauty tools. Then a few weeks ago Clarisonic came out with a brush head that works to give an even deeper clean; and now I’m hooked. If you like scrubs, this little gadget will be life changing. To […]

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Hairstyles That Will Get You Through a Weekend Away

I know, it sounds like an impossible task. Everyone runs into this problem: You’re going away for the weekend, but you don’t want to lug along your vanity. We all have the same plan of attack: You do your hair perfectly for the first day, which will last the second day as well. But the third day your hair is […]

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