Alexandra Gonzalez
As the beauty assistant at Real Simple, Alexandra has the opportunity to fully embrace her love for all beauty products. After discovering her mom’s red lipsticks in a vanity drawer, she knew she would one day incorporate this into her job. From foot scrubs to hair products, she will try anything. (So be vocal if you want a tester for something specific!)

Previously, Alexandra freelanced at MORE Magazine and interned at Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily, Domino (may it rest in peace) and Sportswear International. As a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s been living in New York City for 5 years.

After living in 5 apartments in less than 4 years, she has finally nestled herself in a studio apartment in Murray Hill. Her favorite features are her four closets, with one dedicated solely to beauty products—of course.

Recent Posts By Alexandra Gonzalez

The 60-Second Sock Bun

After many a friend asked me how they could make their meek buns into statement ones, I went looking for a solution. Turns out, a few people on the Real Simple staff had discovered this quick trick, which we then showed in our June issue. Who knew that a sock could take your bun from tiny to full in seconds? […]

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A Smart Product to Tame Oily Skin

Are you one of those women who carries a powder around for touching up oiliness? Well, ditch that compact for this one-ounce tube of balm that will make your skin look better in seconds. Recently I was listening to Gilbert Soliz, one of Sephora’s makeup artists, give his best tips and tricks for smooth, flawless skin. He raved about Benefit’s […]

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Flash Sale on A Beauty Must-Have

In our March feature story, we covered the wide range of the best places to shop for beauty. From Sephora to Bloomingdale’s, there are a variety of stores that have great deals on your favorite products. At midnight tonight one of my favorite brands is doing a limited edition kit, exclusively on QVC. Stay up late for this great deal! […]

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Toners: Do They Make a Difference to Your Skin?

The debate about toners has been going on for quite some time. Even RS has told you to nix it from your beauty routine. I’ve talked to different people, and everyone has a unique take on it. Last week while I met with Suki, founder of the all natural skin-care line Suki, I asked what she thought about toners. Suki was […]

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Save 50% on BlowPro Mini Set

I always welcome a good discount, especially on new products because it makes it easier to try something new without feeling guilty. This month one of my favorite New York City salons is giving you 50% on their latest product launch. BlowPro’s mini shampoo and conditioner set ($42, is my gym bag staple. From hydration to detangling, I can […]

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Putting Your Shower to Work

A shower can be action-packed: From shaving to shampooing, it’s all about maximizing those minutes. Recently, I discovered a new product that is steam-activated and works better in the shower than out. It’s my new favorite face wash! Bioré just relaunched its entire skin-care line with a completely new sleek look. With this makeover also came innovations. My favorite is […]

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Skin Care by Age

New products come out pretty often that claim to solve all your skin needs. Unfortunately, these statements don’t always hold true. But recently I met with a company that had an interesting philosophy on how to treat our ever-changing skin. Stages of Beauty is a recent launch that was created by biological and chemical engineer Jasmina Aganovic, who realized that […]

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Your Hair Questions Answered

A few weeks back I asked you to send me questions to bring to one of my favorite hairstylists, Simone at Paul Labrecque Salon. You came up with some interesting queries. I’ve broken them up into two posts. This first one focuses on cuts and product tips. From reader Penny Rusk: For long, thick, colored, dry, and coarse hair—not quite curly […]

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Multitasking Hair Care: Too Good to Be True?

I recently came across Tosca Style’s Leave-in Conditioner. It is an all-over conditioner that works not only as a leave-in, but also as a body lotion, a hair mask, hair cream, an eye-makeup remover, and a shaving gel. I’m totally obsessed. Since this discovery, it’s the only product I travel with. My absolute favorite part is how the formula is so concentrated […]

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Make Your Own Face Mask

Have you ever created your own face mask straight from what’s in your kitchen? Often, many great fruits and veggies can work wonders for your skin. I recently met Tony Silla, co-owner and head esthetician of Face Place in Los Angeles,  and took the opportunity to ask for a great recipe that would be easy to make and good for […]

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