Alexandra Gonzalez
As the beauty assistant at Real Simple, Alexandra has the opportunity to fully embrace her love for all beauty products. After discovering her mom’s red lipsticks in a vanity drawer, she knew she would one day incorporate this into her job. From foot scrubs to hair products, she will try anything. (So be vocal if you want a tester for something specific!)

Previously, Alexandra freelanced at MORE Magazine and interned at Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Wear Daily, Domino (may it rest in peace) and Sportswear International. As a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s been living in New York City for 5 years.

After living in 5 apartments in less than 4 years, she has finally nestled herself in a studio apartment in Murray Hill. Her favorite features are her four closets, with one dedicated solely to beauty products—of course.

Recent Posts By Alexandra Gonzalez

Some Things Are Better in Small Doses

Yes, sometimes super sizing can be economically sound, but then you’re committed to (stuck with?) using that one product. If you are easily distracted, buying beauty products in mini sizes can add a little fun and relief to an often mundane routine. Here are my latest and greatest that come in teeny-weeny packages. If you’re sick of the scent of […]

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A Fall Face Mask Discount

Face masks are a little luxury that we may not always have time for, but when I take those 10 minutes out to use one, my skin feels refreshed and so do I. Recently, I discovered a brightening mask that will work with any skin type. The best part? For a limited time, Real Simple readers get an exclusive 25 percent discount on […]

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Readers Test Our Universally Flattering Shades

In our October issue, we did a feature on the most flattering makeup shades. After extensive staff testing to find colors that work on a range of skin tones, we singled out 15 winning products in 6 categories. We then asked for reader-volunteers to give the colors a go. Our first reader, Patricia, loved the Bobbi Brown lipstick in Blue […]

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A Soothing Helper for Hair Removal

Waxing skin to remove hair is a tricky business, but prepping your delicate skin can make the process a whole less painful. From the hair-removal specialists at Completely Bare comes Not Feeling It ($10,, a new spray that actually desensitizes skin. Spray it on and wait as it starts to tingle, crackle, and pop (yes, like Pop Rocks!). After about […]

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A Genius Treatment for Soft, Smooth Lips

When it comes to exfoliating, lips might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But keeping lips soft and smooth may be the best beauty secret I’ve learned since starting my job. Even in the summer, your kissers can get chapped and all the balm in the world can’t save them. That’s where exfoliation comes in. I have […]

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Easy Steps to Perfect Nails

As a nail biter (I know, gross), if I don’t go to a salon, my nails constantly look horribly picked-at. But with the help of Roxanne, a nail technician and an educator for the nail-care brand CND, my nails have gone from shabby to chic in just a few weeks. I needed some at-home tricks to fix me up when […]

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3 Standout Products for Sandal-Ready Feet

After months of hiding your feet in boots and socks, sometimes you need a little help to get your toes back into ready-to-show-the-world shape. Until this Friday, Julep–a Seattle-based nail polish and tools company–is giving an exclusive Real Simple discount on some of my favorite picks for pretty feet. When I met with Jane Park, CEO and founder of Julep, […]

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A Pro’s Tips for Big, Lush Lashes

Lashes are my secret weapon to taking a day look to night. Just the smallest extra step can make the world of difference. Courtney Akai is a New York City–based lash extension master, a guru of lashes. She has her own boutique and knows everything there is to know about these tiny hairs. Since not everyone has the opportunity to […]

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We Want You! Be a Real Simple Makeup Tester

After hours testing, consulting make up artists and doing research with most popular make up companies, the Real Simple beauty department narrowed down the most universally flattering shades in six categories: blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, lipliner, and nail polish. Now, we need your help to show how these shades truly flatter every skin tone. Until Monday, June 11th you have the […]

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Transitioning Into Summer

Although you wouldn’t know it by the weather in New York City lately, it is springtime. Even though I’m still wearing my leather jacket and my flip-flops haven’t seen the light of day, I am insisting on welcoming warm weather in at least one way: my perfume. Kim Spadaro, founder and creative director of Spadaro Luxury Fragrances, shared a tip […]

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