3 Beauty Cures for When You’re Feeling Like a Hot Mess

June 10, 2014 | By | Comments (0)
George Marks/Getty Images

George Marks/Getty Images

You know those days you wake up and don’t even know where to start? So you don’t even try, and then you feel worse as the day wears on? I was having one of those… but fortunately, my job involves meeting with and interviewing makeup artists on a daily basis.

So today, when I ran into Yadim, Maybelline’s global makeup artist, I figured I had my golden opportunity to turn things around. I asked where to begin when it seems like a bag over the head is the only solution. It turns out it’s quite simple:

• To treat puffy eyes (a tell-tale sign of hot messedness), run two green tea bags under hot (not boiling!) water, and place over eyes for ten seconds. Then run bags under very cold water and do the same. “It tightens the skin and makes the bags look less noticeable,” says Yadim.

• Curl your lashes. Even if you don’t follow with mascara, this will give you an instantly more alert and with-it look. (For lasting results, heat the curler with a hair dryer, then clamp it near base of lashes and pump it as you move it out toward tips.)

• Add cream cheek color (or blend a few dots of rosy lipstick into cheeks). Eye makeup and lip color give you “a look,” but blush perks up your whole face. It’s a bang-for-the-makeup-buck thing.

Bonus pick-me-up tip from me: Take a selfie of yourself with something or someone you love. Whether you post it for public praise (your friends will always like it) or just come back to it throughout the day, it’ll remind you that you’ve actually really got it going on.

Get more five-minute beauty tips.


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