A Site That Simplifies Your Travel Planning

suitcase_300Love travelling, but hate the puzzle that is itinerary planning? Look no further than JoGuru.com.

Why it’s great: Because it’s an easy-to-use travel site that lets you create free custom itineraries, whether you want to go park hopping in Orlando, back-packing through Bangkok, or church gazing in Rome.

Who’s behind it: Travel junkies Praveen Kumar, Saket Newaskar, and Karthik Ramachandra, who call India home.

Our favorite function: The Optimize This Day feature, which maps out your plan down to the minute by calculating the distance between attractions, each venue’s hours of operation, and how long to spend at each spot.

Ready to get away? Before you embark, check out these 10 things that every traveler should do.


  1. cargo13

    Another great way to plan a trip is allow a cruise line to do it for you. Sign up for CruiseDeals.com weekly newsletter to see where the deals are: http://www.cruisedeals.com/deals/

    June 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm

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