Is Social Media a #Do or a #Don’t at Weddings?

May 23, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

wedding selfieWhile some couples embrace social media by dedicating a unique hashtag to their big day, others are turning their cheek to a digital dump of wedding photos (even Kim and Kanye are said to have put a ban on cell phones and cameras at their May 24 wedding).

According to a survey by David’s Bridal, only 14 percent of brides ask guests to power down, but a hefty 44 percent believe some digital boundaries should be respected.

What tops the list of social media faux pas? Posting a picture of the bride in her dress before the ceremony (what’s surprising and, frankly, frightening? A staggering 38 percent of people thought this was perfectly acceptable behavior!). Another potential no-no is posting pictures before the bride and groom post their own photos.

Since social media may not be a welcome guest at every wedding, it’s better to ask the couple’s permission before posting photos to any social media outlet—especially during the ceremony, explains etiquette expert Anna Post. Uploading photos not only distracts you from participating in the moment, but it also broadcasts details of the event to people who may not have been invited. So, consider this an official status update: #AskTheBrideFirst.

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