A Safe Way to Hang Candles Outside

telephone_300Outdoor candles can be stunning at an intimate party, but before you start going wild with light, make sure you know your safety basics.

• Hanging candles from trees: Place your candles in deep containers, with the wicks at least two inches lower than the rims to prevent sparks and flames from blowing out. Make sure the handles of the containers are made of wire, and long enough to keep flames a solid 12 inches away from leaves and branches.

• Torches can be an impressive touch, but they’re not a great idea when kids or pets are present.

• And as with all small fires, they shouldn’t be left unattended, or outside overnight. (Just make sure they’re fully extinguished before bring them back in!)

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals covered, see 22 unique ideas for outdoor décor.


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