How to Haggle at a Yard Sale

May 14, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

yard sale sign

Hosting a garage sale to unload the old and make way for the new? Yard sale shoppers expect a bargain and aren’t shy about asking for it, so toughen up and memorize these lines, courtesy of Aaron LaPedis, author of The Garage Sale Millionaire ($23,

Scene 1
[Average Bargain Hunter Enters]
ABH: Are you willing to bend on this lamp price?
YOU: Well, I’ve owned it a long time. What’s it worth to you?
I don’t know….
YOU: Give me a number and we’ll go from there.
ABH: $20.
YOU: Hmm, I’m looking for something in the $50 range. Can we meet in the middle?
ABH: $30?
YOU: $35 and you have a deal.
ABH: Done.

Scene 2
[Lowballer Enters]
LB: I’ll give you $40 for the bar cart.
YOU: That piece is marked $100, and it’s in very good condition. I can’t go that low.
How about $50?
YOU: I’m firm at $75.
LB: No way that’s worth $75.
YOU: Well, it’s a valuable piece. For $75, I can throw in the martini shaker.
LB: OK. Deal.

If you still need guidance, see more smart garage sale strategies.


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