Worn-Out Lining? Here’s What to Do.

patched-material_300Your coat, skirt, or handbag may be in top shape from the outside, but if the inner lining is falling apart, you could be in trouble… unless you call in a pro.

Yes, a small tear in a dress lining can usually be fixed for less than $10 (yay!), but if the entire interior needs a restoration, replacing it can start at least $75. Removing the lining altogether is technically an option, but that can often lead to altering the garment’s structure. In any event, it’s a good idea to ask a tailor, first.

As for a purse: Says Chris Moore, owner of New York City’s Artbag, “A handbag should be relined only if it’s a cherished or an indispensible item.” Why? Because replacing the lining could cost upwards of $150 or more, depending on the bag.

Suddenly in the market for a new purse? Check out these 9 picks for spring.


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