Recap: The Real Simple + Quirky Invention Challenge

Hundreds of creative minds rose to the test of our Real Simple + Quirky Invention Challenge. Of the over 600 submissions, Kristin van Ogtrop and the Quirky team came together on Thursday, April 24, to crown three new inventors (and a fourth potential) for their brilliant new spring cleaning creations.

The products:

Robson Splane: Flip Mop
A Swiffer-esque mop with a bit more flexibility and utility.

Michael McCoy: Swingcan
A trash can that opens from the center, not the top.

Peter Wachtel: HILO Broom
A broom with a built-in duster, and a detachable broom for hand-sweeping.

Tim Courcey: Cleaning tape (explore)
A now in-development tape that could potentially be used to clean corners around the tub and sinks.

Watch the whole (ridiculously fun) live-judging event here, and check out a few photos below:

RealSimple6[1] RealSimple10[1] RealSimple5[1] RealSimple4[1] RealSimple3

While you wait for these products to hit shelves, check out some of our all-time favorite cleaning tips.


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