A Surefire Way to Stay Accountable

family-volunteering-ictcrop_300You *know* you ought to take the stairs instead of the elevator and floss every night… and yet, sometimes not doing those good-for-you extra steps is all the more tempting. If you’re a parent and trying to hold yourself accountable to small goals, try this tip from reader Rachel R.S.: Enlist your kids.

When we asked our Facebook fans for their best eco-friendly tips, we got a lot of great answers—and Rachel’s was particularly brilliant: “Teach your young kids the rules for recycling and composting; they will not let you screw it up or forget it.”

We think you can translate this to just about any task. Not only will you be more willing to go the extra mile if you can set a good example—your child will probably be more than happy to be your personal mini drill instructor!

Trying to increase your willpower? Use these clever methods.


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