Where to Find Great Short Stories

woman-book-keyhole-ictcrop_300If you like a good short story, personal essay, investigative piece, or long-form writing in general, keep these two well-curated resources in your arsenal. You’ll thank yourself the next time you’re waiting in a long line!:

Kindle Singles
Did you know Amazon sells writing in singles form? Think of it like when you used to buy a single on a CD (or a cassette tape… or a record…): When you want just the highlight or standout of an large book or collection, you can pay much less for it— think $1-$3 a pop.

Sponsored by Pitt Writers, the University of Pittsburgh’s Writing Program, Longform pulls current and classic writing, both fiction and nonfiction, around the web on a daily basis. The team’s taste is particularly eclectic; whether you’re looking for a heartbreaking story about the Boston Marathon bombing or a Q&A with a vacuum salesman.

Looking for book recommendations? Try these must-reads, suggested by renowned authors.


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