Sponsored: Conquer Your Clutter

57423294_47Ugh, clutter! It piles up and gets out of control before we know what hit us. It’s totally normal, and most of us struggle to stay ahead of the chaos. Use these tips from Ziploc® to go from out-of-control mess to clutter-free feng shui in just one week. The trick? Take it day by day, room by room. Here is your mission for the first two days—find out the rest in “Conquer Clutter: One Week to Organization.”

Day One: The Kitchen
De-clutter the place where you cook and congregate. Get the family to pitch in and divide the tasks. Send the kids on a mission to track down the expired food in your pantry and ask your spouse to return items that don’t belong in the kitchen to their rightful places in your home. While they’re at it, you can use Ziploc® brand Sandwich Bags to sort out the mess of utensils and cookware lurking in your kitchen drawers.

Day Two: The Living Room
You can’t plop down on your couch for a little post-work R&R if there is a pile of kids’ toys, mail, clothes, and goodness knows what else hogging the cushions. Keep your living room cozy by designating spaces for all your stuff—mail goes in a box by the door, toys go in the chest next to the couch, and smartphones get charged on the end table.

Find out what’s in store for the rest of the week here.


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