How to Get Your Mail-In Rebate

April 10, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

taking_notes_300Dastardly. Tricky. Confusing. If that’s how you feel about mail-in rebates, you’re not alone. You painstakingly fill out the form only to get rejected worse than when your seven-grade crush said that he was actually in love with your best friend. But fear not! These tips will have your mailbox full of rebate goodies.

• Know your dates. It sounds easy enough, but so many people miss rebate deadlines. Companies are counting on you to forget to mail in your rebate (it means less money for them to have to pay out) so make sure you know when the rebate’s due as well as when you should expect to receive it.

• Know the rules. Companies ask for very specific information sent in a very particular manner. Make sure you give them exactly what they want. And if you find that there are parts of the instructions/rules you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to call the company’s customer service depart for clarification.

• Keep copies of everything you’ve submitted. In the event that your rebate gets denied and you want to challenge the company, having what you sent on hand will make doing this so much easier.

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