Wednesday Trivia: Dancing Animals

dancing-dogs_300Sure, your dog can get up on his hind legs when he wants attention, but does he know how to boogey? According to Radiolab, there are only two animal species who really “know” how to dance—as in, respond to a beat and matching motion to a music, as opposed to just moving rhythmically. Think you can name them?

The answer is complicated (and still debatable!) but our only animal co-dancers just may be parrots and Asian elephants.

Intrigued? Learn more about the investigation over at the Radiolab blog.

Even if your furry friend can’t cut a rug, there’s still a lot you can learn from him or her. See what we mean here.


  1. Lassie

    I’ve watched Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo for years! Whenever the world gets too sad and ugly, there I am at youtube. <3

    April 30, 2014 at 11:49 am

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