How to Extend the Life of a Blow-Out

blow-hair_300You shell out a lot of time and good money for a blow-out—don’t let it go to waste by washing your hair the next day (or even that night!). In fact, certain hair types can keep a blow-out sleek for up to five whole days.

Naeemah Carre, a former stylist at Blow NY, a salon in New York City, advises that after a home DIY blow-out, make sure that your hair is completely dry. If there’s any moisture left, your hair will revert to its naturally flat or frizzy state. To test, run your fingers through your locks thoroughly.

To seal your hair off from that wretched humidity, wear a shower cap when bathing for the next few days. And to cut grease and revive the look of your style after showering (or day three… or four…) sprinkle a dry shampoo into your roots. If necessary, you can smooth your hair out further with a round brush and a dryer. “And sleep with your hair in a high ponytail to maintain volume at the roots,” says Carre.

Looking to do your own hair more often? You don’t need a drawerful of hair products to DIY. Instead, organize a simple kit of must-haves to save time and money.


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