An Easy Way to Make the Most of Your Job References

March 27, 2014 | By | Comments (1)

woman-laptop_300According to a recent Career Builder study, one in five Americans plan on leaving their jobs for new ones this year. If you too are on the hunt for your dream job—or, at least, less of a nightmare job—a great resume and fantastic interview may not be enough to secure the position. It could come down to the references you provide. Here are three ways to get a great reference.

1. Actually inform your reference that they are just that: Your reference. Blindsiding him or her could result in an awkward phone call from a potential employer for them and a missed job opportunity for you.

2. Coach your references. Prior to any interviews you go on, tell them about the kinds of positions you’re applying to and email them a list of all your professional accomplishments. A well-prepared reference will be able to sing your praises when the time comes.

3. Know that an employer may not limit their background check to just the names you provide.

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