Would You Part With Your Smartphone?

March 7, 2014 | By | Comments (0)

Woman texting on a smart phoneDo you check your smartphone every hour? You’re not alone. In a joint poll, Real Simple and The Huffington Post asked 3,583 women how smartphones and social media affect their lives.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’re all quite attached to technology: 76 percent of respondents check their phone at least once an hour. What’s more? Almost half of respondents say they would rather go without sex for a month than be without their smartphones.

If a digital detox could do you some good, take the National Day of Unplugging pledge this evening. To participate, unplug from all of your gadgets (yes, that includes your smartphone and your computer) from sundown on March 7 to sundown on March 8. To share why you want to unplug, upload a picture of yourself holding this sign.

Overwhelmed by the unrelenting reach of your digital devices? Here are 15 ways to digitally detox (thought not all of them are entirely practical).


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