Wednesday Trivia: Tetris Curbs Cravings

madness-illo-1_300Got an annoying craving that you just can’t shake? Try Tetris—yes, the old-school video game with the blocks.

A study published in Appetite and reported by The Atlantic found that participants who reported levels of “reasonably high” cravings for things such as food, drink, caffeine, or nicotine reduced their longings by about 24 percent by playing Tetris for just three minutes.

While Tetris didn’t entirely quash participants’ yearnings, the study determined that the game, “reduced the vividness and frequency of craving imagery, as well as craving intensity.”

Researchers believe that the block-therapy most likely worked as a cure because Tetris is such a visual, consuming task. (And an extremely frustrating one if you get too many jagged pieces!)

What’s your miracle cure? See what our Facebook fans said here.


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