How To Keep A Shirt Tucked In

February 21, 2014 | By | Comments (0)


“To tuck, or not to tuck?” is actually a pretty serious question if you work in an office environment with a dress code that requires suiting and button-down shirts. Depending on body-type and personal style, many women feel adamantly attached to a particular side of this debate.

If you’re going untucked, one of the best tips is to look for shirting that is tailored and not too long—this will help you look polished and professional, and make the untucked shirt look intentional instead of sloppy. If, on the other hand, you’re a tucker, you’re probably familiar with the dilemma of actually keeping a shirt tucked in. Here are a few quick tips for wrangling that top into smooth, streamlined look:

• Tuck your shirt into your “base layer.” (Yes! Your underwear.) Undergarments tend to have an extremely elastic, tightly body-conscious fit, which will keep a tucked-in shirt in place better than the waistband of pants or a skirt. The tighter the fit, the better this works, so it’s especially effective with control garments, like Spanx or tights. One caveat: this method works best with higher-waisted skirts and pants, or with a blazer, to prevent your base layer from making an accidental appearance above your outer-layer waistband.

• Add some snaps. If you rotate through the same work wardobe on a consistent basis—or even if you know that you only have a few top/bottom combos that you’ll wear tucked—have your tailor sew inexpensive snaps to corresponding places on the inside of your bottoms and the outside of your tops (also easy enough to do at home if you’re handy with a needle and thread).

• Try out a bodysuit. There are many options on the market, but Victoria’s Secret’s version that looks like a button-down on top is a foolproof, classic and, at $39.50,  an affordable choice.

Have you found your own effective solution? Share with us and below, and then learn how to dress for success.


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