Wednesday Trivia: The “Perfect” Online Dating Profile

woman_at_laptop_300A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but if you’re online dating, you might want to stick to words like “Yoga,” “Surfing,” and “Athlete,” if you’re a woman trying to meet your match online.

WIRED released some interesting infographics where data crunchers studied OkCupid dating profiles to find what words led to high attractiveness ratings—and the results are pretty funny… if not slightly eye-roll-inducing.

• Karaoke is decidedly not sexy; Surfing is extremely attractive (in the ocean, as opposed to online).
• Mentioning God doesn’t get hopeful ladies very far on the site… but neither does talking about tattoos.
• “Electronics” on the other hand? It’s apparently the secret password to scoring a date.
• Our favorite nugget of wisdom: Men who use the word “whom” in their OkCupid profile get 31% more contacts from the opposite sex. Good grammar? Hubba-hubba!

See the whole study here, and then check out our (arguably) less-scary dating guide.


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