DIY Nail Art

February 18, 2014 | By | Comments (3)

I’m new to the world of nail art (especially because, if you follow me on our blog, I’m still trying to curb my nail-biting habit, which means I don’t have much of a canvas to work on). But I recently attended Nail Art Boot Camp, with the amazingly smart and talented Jan Arnold, founder of Creative Nail Design. In the two-hour course, I learned several techniques (and tips) that those of you who are handy with nail polish might enjoy. And that I may someday, hopefully use on my own nails.

1. Cut a corner of a kitchen sponge and use it to give your tips an ombré-sponge finish. First polish your nails any color you like. Once dry, shake a drop of polish off the brush of a different color onto a piece of wax paper. Next, dip sponge in polish blob. Blot sponge a few times on the wax paper (to remove excess color). Last, dab the polish-dipped sponge onto just tips of nail or all over nail.

2. Use an orange stick to give yourself a sparkly polka-dot manicure. Polish nails as usual. Once dry, shake a few drops of a contrasting shimmery or glittery polish onto a piece of wax paper. Dip the orange stick in the polish and dab it onto nails in any pattern. Jan told me that, similar to flower arrangements, nail art patterns look best in odd numbers. In other words, 7 or 9 polka dots per tip, not 6 or 8.

3. Last technique: Saran-wrap tips. Ball up a small piece of Saran wrap and use it to dab freshly polished nails for a cool, crinkly finish.

4. (Tip) To remove smudges around nails, wrap the tip of an orange stick in cotton and dunk it in remover. Use it to swipe off stains.

5. (Tip) To keep a steady hand while painting, curl the tips you’re working on toward your palm. Polish with other hand, keeping brush as horizontal as possible to nail and resting the pinky of your painting hand on the palm of the hand that’s being painted.

Happy painting!


P.S.: Shown above, the nail art I created on a plastic nail. Someday, when I stop biting, I’ll try these techniques on my tips!


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  2. Fern Lewison-Walker

    FYI: at 75, I stopped biting my nails! My mantra was that “Just think of how many other people touched this, do not put my hands in my mouth!” So many things are transmitted by touch —- beware.

    February 18, 2014 at 3:59 pm
  3. Sarah Del Rosario

    WOW! You really did a good job here on how making your own nail art design. The step by step procedure is helpful as well on how we can do this on our own. Looking forward for your new art designs.

    May 12, 2014 at 8:54 am

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