How To Shop For the Best Fashion Deals

January 31, 2014 | By | Comments (0)


Want to know how to score the best deals and never pay full price when shopping your favorite fashion retailers? Of course you do. We asked Shop It To Me, one of the internet’s best resources for shopping and sales, to share some of their favorite tips and tricks. Here’s what they had to say:

• Although it may not have the hype of Black Friday, late January into early February (a.k.a. right now!) tends provide the deepest discounts of the entire year.

• If you want to be in-the-know and have the first pick of sales throughout the year, stay alert on Thursdays, which is when many retailers introduce new mark-downs. Wednesday and Friday are runners-up, but Monday and Tuesday see comparatively little new sale action.

• Always do your research. If there is a particular item you’re after, make the time to do a little online comparison shopping—you can often find the same thing at a lower price on another vendor’s website.

• If you are a repeat customer at a particular store, get to know the staff. Often, regular and well-liked customers are rewarded with VIP-discounts, pre-sales, and other perks not available to the general public.

• Don’t be afraid to challenge a store. Notice a make-up smudge or a small tear you know you can easily fix yourself? Point it out at checkout and ask if it warrants a discount. Many stores, even large national chains, are happy to provide a percentage off the full price (or even the sale price) rather than risk not being able to sell a “defective” item at all.

Ready to start shopping? Get tips on how to build a wardrobe, based on your lifestyle.


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