Wednesday Trivia: Your Cat Can Hear You

cat-window-sill_300Dogs may race to their owners when called, but cats… well, choose not to, as it may turn out. According to a recent study reported on by Discover magazine, cats can actually tell that their owner’s voices is more “special” than strangers’ voices.

The study involved playing three different stranger’s voices serially, followed by the owner’s voice, to each of the 20(!) test domestic cats. Fifteen of the cats responded significantly different to their owner’s voice by slightly moving their ears and head. This may indicate that cats “are able to use vocal cues alone to distinguish between humans.” Well, that, and their ability to see who’s opening up the tuna can every morning.

Considering a cat for your home? Use this helpful checklist to prepare for your new furry friend.


  1. Bobbi Gonzales

    I have been a pet parent to 4 cats at one time, and you better believe they know their parents’ voices! My husband’s cat knows the sound of his motorcycle coming down the street and Shadow responds to his requests, not mine. Scooter will come out of her hiding place when I call to her, and I when I returned home from trips my tortie would sit on the back of the couch and pat my head, actually put her paw on my head and pat me. I call my cats when I’m out of town so they can hear my voice. Cats do show their emotions if you know your cats’ emotions!

    December 12, 2013 at 3:36 am

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